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Arthritis Causes

Arthritis Causes


causes of arthritis


What Causes Arthritis?

In Traditional Medicine, the exact cause of arthritis is not fully known at this point. However, we are well aware of the factors which may contribute to arthritis: poor nutrition, stress, obesity and jobs which require repetitive movements of a particular joint socket.


This includes clerical workers, computer programmers, warehouse people, and sports people. Holistic medicine has found a different reason that people get and develop arthritis: excess calcium deposits.


For example football players tend to develop arthritis in their knees and ankles as a consequence of injuries sustained to these parts. There is evidence however, that suggests that physically active people who are not injured have a lower risk of arthritis. Some studies have suggested that gout may sometimes be a contributing factor to causing arthritis. How does calcium affect my joints?


Hardened Calcium Deposits Cause Arthritis


Yes, Calcium! Just what you probably thought it was. And you were absolutely right. But doesn’t every traditional medical expert tell us that we have calcium deficiencies, and our bones and joints are weak from a lack of this mineral? Right again. That is their “expert opinion.” Then why do we have calcium deposits in our joints causing this arthritis to begin with? TOO MUCH BAD CALCIUM IN YOUR DIET!


Have you noticed that everything these days is “calcium fortified?” Even your orange juice! They want customers and they want them bad. As we age our bodies produce more cortisol (an inflammatory stress hormone) and less growth hormone (tissue regeneration hormone).


Eating a lot of foods comprised of simple sugars and meats cause our bodies to exhibit an immune response (stress and cortisol) and our bodies begin to show inflammation and sometimes headaches.  We should be aware of this correlation between arthritis and diet.  If this is our predominant diet then we can expect to be ill a great deal of the time, with the symptoms getting worse as we get older.

If we have a large waist circumference (a lot of belly fat) then we are heading in the direction of eventual arthritis conditions.  A lack of moderate exercise, both cardio and resistance training are also contributing factors (will actively contribute to arthritis.)

We might try to observe if we are performing any unnatural feeling repetitive movements, and see if we can find a more ergonomic solution.  Sustained repetitive movements of course lead to carpal tunnel syndrome, bursitis, arthritis and a lot of other itis’es.  We will see that first by arthritic inflammation, arthritis swelling and arthritis pain.

Therefore if we are suffering from any form of arthritis, it is in our best interest to see how we may best modify our current activities (proper ergonomics, nutrition – easy diets work the best along with the best exercise programs) to reduce the causes of arthritis from manifesting in our bodies.


It is not commonly known, but viruses and pathogens are causing a great deal of arthritis but not even being addressed! Dr. Mark Genovese a top Medical Doctor, Stanford Medicine University Professor and Rhumatologist who is on the leading edge of arthritis and inflammation studies addresses this bluntly:

 “There’s a perception that arthritis is arthritis, just like some people think cancer is cancer,” says Mark Genovese, MD, a rheumatologist and professor at the Stanford School of Medicine. “But it’s just not true.” It could be gout, crystals, autoimmune rheumatoid arthritis, virus-caused arthritis or as many as 100 other kinds of the disease.

The Natural Arthritis Treatment

There are plenty of arthritis remedies that can give you lasting and permanent relief from the most common forms of arthritis. The quickest way to complete relief begins with an understanding of what type of arthritis is affecting you, and then discovering the exact steps that would benefit you the most. For a complete natural treatment and de-calcification methods, visit our page for the Natural Arthritis Treatment


The Top 3 Natural Arthritis Remedies You Should Know About:


  1. Zeolite – Remove Viruses and Heavy Metals (Traditional)
  2. Rhumatol – Lubricate Joints, Stop Inflammation & Rheumatism (Homeopathic Medicine)
  3. Provailen – Stop The Pain and Immune Response & Rebuild Your Joints (Alternative)

The above three remedies work snyergistically together (Traditional, Homeopathic and Alternative Medicine). I would recommend taking the above in order if you’re experiencing any arthritis discomfort at all. It’s always better to stop the cycle of arthritis before it becomes a big problem in your life.

You can find additional strategies in the Ultimate Arthritis Cure, which will explain in detail how you get from your particular type of arthritis into having No Arthritis Symptoms and No Arthritis Pain quickly. Click on the Ultimate Arthritis Cure book and begin seeing measurable results within a week!