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Arthritis Diet

This Arthritis Diet Helps Reduces Pain and Inflammation!


arthritis diet

Diet and Arthritis – The Connection

There is an important connection between Diet and Arthritis. As with almost every disease or condition, poor nutrition and diet are at the core of arthritis as well. Almost all the food most people consume has produced conventionally.  They are mass produced, treated with chemical fertilizers (toxic waste, look it up), chemical herbicides, chemical fungicides, antibiotics.


But that’s not enough for them, they they spray the food with pesticides, irradiate (yes, with radiation poisoning – which poisons pathogens and human alike) and then coat them with petroleum based wax. It is possible to make a few simple changes and reap some serious health benefits. Unfortunately, in our story of food woe, things get worse before they get better because there’s more!


Arthritis Nutrition

They have been genetically engineering a lot of foods like corn, soy, potatoes, canola and more (which is accomplished by injecting a live virus into the DNA of the seed to make it produce identical crop that can be sprayed with very heavy pesticides and yet still survive! Please support your local farmers, farmers markets and your health and that of your family and loved ones by longer purchasing or allowing that poison into your body!  If you want to get rid of arthritis, this is a major cause and a primary cause at that!

Proper Nutrition refers to the quality or biological impact of those foods, liquids and supplements on your mind, body, energy levels and overall health. The quality and quantity of the nutrients that we take into our body, along with our beliefs about them, determine our level of health at the most fundamental level. They have an acronym they use in the computer industry called “GIGO,” which states the common sense wisdom “Garbage In, Garbage Out!”

At some level we all know that what we take or allow into our bodies will ultimately be the same substances that will make up the cells, organs and neurons in our body and mind. Therefore, if you want to look your best, feel your best, perform your best, and have the best relationships – it is imperative to give your body and mind the best nutrients available, and in the proper combination for your desired personal goals! We will show you why you should pay attention to food labels, and learn where your food comes from, what’s actually in it, and how it was produced. Once you do that, then you will have a “Recipe for The Greatest You.

A Diet is a specific nutritional system for a specific purpose. Here are the ones specifically for arthritis:

If you have a dire need to lose weight quickly then I’d recommend that you try the Gabriel Method which balances your hormones so you don’t keep storing body fat and do release what is not needed. The faster you lose weight the less stress and strain will be placed on your joints, and the quicker you will heal.

The Lemonade Diet is a great one because you can either prepare it yourself with a few healthy inexpensive ingredients, or you can buy it in a ready-made capsule. It is highly alkaline, which quenches the acid that causes arthritis pain to worsen. It promotes healthy joints, a healthy immune system and higher growth hormone levels.  It is basically a life extension diet and we’ll show you what you can eat and drink to best quench your arthritis pain, inflammation and stiffness rather quickly.


Arthritis – Foods to Avoid:

Step 1: Limiting the arthritis causing foods.  Avoid these as much as you can:

  • Anything with Corn Syrup in it (it’s really bad, and is actually produced by Genetic Engineering)
  • Any refined foods – Refined sugar, refined bread, refined rice (basically anything processed)
  • Anything commercially produced whether meats, vegetables, fruits or milk
  • Trans fats (partially hydrogenized oils)
  • MSG (monosodium glutamate)
  • Fluoride (It is one of the most toxic chemicals in the world)  Purchase toothpaste without it, you don’t need it.  Drink purified water (tap has it in it)
  • Milk and milk products, meat (fish, chicken, pork, beef, etc), eggs.  Reduce or eliminate those items in that order.  All meats are disease producing period. I found it difficult at first to avoid them, but if you do your homework you’ll find many alternatives which after you eat them you will actually prefer them.  If you really want to get cured, it starts here, really.)

Arthritis Diet – Foods to Add

Step 2: Adding arthritis curing foods.  Add these to your diet as much as you can:

  • Olive Oil (first cold expeller pressed, organic if possible), use it exclusively as much as you can.  Grapeseed oil is good too.
  • All vegetables, particularly green leafy ones.  Vegetable soups with cayenne, turmeric or cumin in them will help reverse inflammation.  Limit tomatoes at first until you start improving with your overall condition.  Organic if possible, as the conventional types as they come with a lot of freebies that may go bump in your body.
  • Avocados and Walnuts are highly recommended
  • Most all fruits, limiting the citrus fruits until you improve.  Particularly all the berries, pineapple and papaya (they have enzymes that can reduce bone spurs in your joints)
  • Beans and legumes, eat plenty of them and mix them with a grain (wheat or rice) for a complete protein
  • Organic Soy products only!  They are very beneficial, even for bodybuilders!  I’ve been using them in my personal bodybuilding training and myself and those that I train have gained strength, improved muscle and skin tone (acne and rashes can completely disappear) and lost excess bodyfat that I couldn’t when I ate the Standard American Diet (SAD) Sickly Acidic Deadly. I’ve switched to GLAD (Green Live Alkaline Delicious) and I’m GLAD that I did.  You will be to when you do (your doctor may not, as he or she may loose a lot of residual income)
  • Eat live sprouted grains and add a little wheatgrass juice to your diet.  Get a Juicer if you can.  I’ll have some recipes for you on another page.


Step 3:  Use natural holistic arthritis supplements and a natural arthritis treatment option for arthritis relief until you are completely arthritis pain and symptom free.


Step 4:  Exercises for Arthritis


Begin doing some arthritis exercises until you no longer have arthritis!  Look at the best exercise programs and choose one that appeals to you, and do it! This really works.  Combine your body movements with ergonomics and you’ll find that you can lose more than just weight – you can lose that Arthritis as well!


You can also get a good healthy cookbook to show you how to actually prepare the kind of foods that will make you arthritis free for life!

Since arthritis can be alleviated by following a joint healthy diet (one that is low inflammatory and good for your bones and joints) this should be the primary strategy to move from arthritis into being completely free from arthritis pain and inflammation. Click on the Healthy Urban Kitchen below and start the healing process tonight!

I’ve personally found that the best way to insure that you are getting the most biologically active and healthiest foods is to learn when and where to purchase them – And it’s not at your local supermarket!

healthy cookbook


This simple eating guide can show you how! The healthiest diet and most powerful nutrition, is to learn to do it at home yourself. The “Healthy Urban Kitchen Cookbook” can show you how to shop for the most biologically active foods, and then how to prepare them for the greatest taste sensations that you have ever had.