Arthritis Treatment

Natural Treatment for Arthritis


Arthritis Treatment

If you have an arthritis diagnosis or have discovered that you have arthritis, then you should be aware that there it doesn’t have to be a life sentence. Choosing a safe and effective holistic Arthritis Treatment can help you stop not only your arthritis but a lot of other chronic conditions too. Arthritis can be a sign of other chronic conditions like Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Psoriasis, Gout, and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The faster you begin your personal natural Treatment for Arthritis, the better the chances that you can avoid the serious complications like permanently fused joints and body wide chronic illnesses.


Natural and Holistic arthritis treatment methods treat the cause of your arthritis, not just chase the symptoms. They will relieve your symptoms, because they first address the cause of your arthritis and there is no longer any reason for symptoms to bother you. It will also stop many other chronic conditions that you may have had for years! You need to discover what does and doesn’t work then all you have to do is follow the simple guidelines in this article and start looking and feeling like you know you could and should. A good place to start is by using the natural arthritis remedies and treatment plan shown at the bottom of this article


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Arthritis Treatments

The common medical treatments for arthritis that most physicians use is to diagnose and treat the symptoms that are causing you joint pain and inflammation. These Arthritis Treatments use complicated surgeries (that can lead to permanent joint fusion or paralysis), joint replacements and frequently harmful prescription medications that usually end up causing more pain and suffering that your actual arthritis!


Needless to say these type of arthritis treatments have very little long-term success and have actually lead to numerous lawsuits from heart attacks and stroke deaths, to name a few, caused by toxic side effects of medications and botched surgeries. These are particularly the case for Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis sufferers. Fortunately for all of us there is a much, much better way than the expensive, risky and ineffective way that offered given to most people.


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Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment

What is the best Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment? Do medical treatments for rheumatoid arthritis actually work at all? If the standard medical treatments actually worked for you or the millions of arthritis sufferers worldwide, you wouldn’t be painfully sitting here reading this article. It flat out doesn’t work! And if you don’t stop the cause of it, it will not only be a painful debilitating condition in your daily life but will significantly decreases your lifespan if you do not choose an effective treatment for it.


The risks of surgery gone wrong, lethal dose of medicine or permanently fused joints are just too much risk vs reward. Fortunately there is a Natural Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment that actually stops the cause of your RA so you can finally heal and enjoy a pain free mobile life. For more information on treating rheumatoid arthritis naturally and safely, see: Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment.


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Osteoarthritis Treatment

What is the best Osteoarthritis Treatment? Is there a better treatment for osteoarthritis than the standard medical ones? These medical treatments rely on risky surgeries, life altering joint replacements and extremely harmful medicines (we all know about the Celebrex lawsuits that have taken many lives.) This is not only a potentially lethal risk you are taking, but after all the pain, suffering through endless treatments and even draining your life savings, it flat out doesn’t work!


You have the option to choose a natural osteoarthritis treatment that actually works, without any of the harmful side effects or potential loss of mobility through permanently fused joints, becoming paralyzed by surgery, or a lethal dose of medicine. You can choose a natural Osteoarthritis Treatment that actually works!


natural treatment for arthritis


Natural Arthritis Treatment

What is a Natural Arthritis Treatment?  It is not a miracle, it’s just common sense arthritis treatment that’s been overlooked (unfortunately, sometimes on purpose) by those advocating traditional medical treatments. This natural arthritis treatment uses practical knowledge of how a healthy body’s joints operate and what is causing your arthritis symptoms in the first place. There are quite a few main arthritis causes and you will discover holistic ways to reverse the damage caused by your arthritis and in many cases actually reverse it for good.


You need to keep your joints moving to keep them flexible and pain free. This is a bit of a conundrum as you may be experiencing too much pain and stiffness to exercise. If this is the case then you should treat the symptoms of arthritis first so you can gain the mobility to exercise and keep your joints moving into permanent recovery from arthritis. Let’s look at how we can relieve some of the pressure on the joint socket and the pain it’s causing so we can begin the healing process.


First you need to stop any infections from happening in your body as this may an underlying cause of arthritis. Then you need to keep your whole body in a more alkaline state and reduce your dietary acid intake. Then you need to rebuild and nourish your joints. Finally you might want to get some natural pain relief until you have permanently reversed arthritis in your body for good.  See the following video by Dr. Tent (a holistic physician) that shows how viruses are the root cause of most chronic diseases:



Arthritis Virus

Most people don’t realize that there is a viral cause to arthritis. The Arthritis Virus is a little known, but very real arthritis cause that is hidden. It is not widely publicized because if it is discovered or becomes well known, pharmaceutical companies will not be able to rake in billions of dollars in arthritis medicines (that have fatal side effects too.) Plain and simple, like anything in this world that doesn’t’ make complete sense, follow the money.


Here is a secret that has been hidden from mainstream medicine but not naturopathic physicians: viruses and pathogens are causing a great deal of arthritis but not even being addressed! Dr. Mark Genovese a top Medical Doctor, Stanford Medicine University Professor and Rheumatologist who is on the leading edge of arthritis and inflammation studies addresses this bluntly:


“There’s a perception that arthritis is arthritis, just like some people think cancer is cancer,” says Mark Genovese, MD, a rheumatologist and professor at the Stanford School of Medicine. “But it’s just not true.” It could be gout, crystals, autoimmune rheumatoid arthritis, virus-caused arthritis or as many as 100 other kinds of the disease.


Since Infection is a root cause of arthritis you need to address it or you will continue with arthritis pain and inflammation indefinitely. Watch this video by Dr. Tent, a Holistic Doctor that explains exactly why you need to treat the viral infections first before you will get lasting arthritis pain relief:


How to Reverse Arthritis


How to Reverse Arthritis Naturally

If you want to learn How to Reverse Arthritis Naturally then read on. This natural treatment for arthritis addresses the 5 main causes of arthritis. You can’t heal from arthritis until you stop what is causing it in the first place. Follow the 5 main steps and you can quickly heal and even reverse arthritis naturally.

The 5 step Natural Arthritis Treatment for Osteoarthritis (OA) and Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA):

  1. Relieve Arthritis Pain!
  2. Stop Arthritis Infections
  3. Stop Chronic Inflammation
  4. Increase Joint Mobility
  5. Use Arthritis Relief Devices

After the main causes of arthritis are taken care of, your symptoms will subside (go away) because you no longer have any reason for joint discomfort.

1) Relieve Arthritis Pain (OA and RA)

It is very hard to heal while you are in severe pain. So while treating the infection is very important, relieving your pain so you can be comfortable enough to follow the natural treatment for arthritis is of utmost importance. Use the following natural arthritis remedies for pain relief:

  • Topical CBD Cream – Use an organic CBD Oil based pain relief cream (pictured above.) Not only does CBD (cannabinoid) relieve pain, but it also heals your tissues and penetrates deeply and protects against further joint degeneration
  • Omega 3 Supplements – Omega 3 oils are a natural anti-inflammatory and helps cushion your knee joints. It works well with hyaluronic acid to help rebuild new cartilage, especially when you’ve taken systemic enzymes that break down worn cartilage so new cartilage can be easily created. It is also super heart and brain healthy.
  • Super Joint Support Formula – Powerful Joint Rebuilding and Protective Herbal Blend with Hyaluronic Acid for Joints, Bio-Available Collagen (absorbable) and Natural Anti-Inflammatories like natural white willow bark extract, ionic sea minerals, Vitamin K2, Magnesium, and MSM. Super joint support has all the necessary natural nutrients, in the exact amount proven to restore joint mobility and stop joint pain and destruction. It is so helpful for joint pain, and tendonitis as well as having a rejuvenating effect on your hair, skin and body tissues. Provides lost joint fluid for proper cushioning and flexibility, advanced joint collagen to resurface worn or damaged cartilage and nutrients to inhibit the COX-2 inflammatory response and give you real pain relief.
  • Heal and Soothe – Relieves Joint Pain & Regenerates Healthy Joint Tissue with Systemic Enzymes that break up scar tissue in your joints that cause pain and inflexibility. Also helps dissolve excess calcium deposits and bone spurs.
  • Biogetica – Homeopathic Ayurvedic Remedy for Rheumatism (Natural RA Treatment)

2) Treat the Infection (RA):

  • Zeolite Powder – Get rid of any chronic infections as well as heavy metal deposits that may have accumulated in your joints using Zeolite AV
  • Build Your Immune System – Keep Your Natural Immunity as strong and balanced as possible
  • Get a Parasite Zapper which kills pathogens electronically (also helps in pain relief and increases circulation)

3) Stop Chronic Inflammation (RA)

  • Natural Anti Inflammatory Supplements – These are the same cox-2 inhibiting ingredients that are used in prescription medicines but in their safe natural form. 
  • Arthritis DietLow Carbohydrate diet (less sugars, breads, pastas, etc) Instead Add fruits and green leafy vegetables every day (or juice) if you can.
  • Alkaline WaterHighly alkaline and healing. Don’t drink Tap or Unpurfied Bottled Water (Most of it is very acidic and still has some chlorine, calcium, pharmaceuticals, fluoride, radiation, and glyphosate still in it).  Drinking acidic water or beverages aggravates arthritis and gout.

4) Increase Joint Mobility (OA and RA)

  • Water Exercise – This is one of best overall non-impact exercises (The beach is the best option if possible unless you can use a pool that does not use toxic chemicals like chlorine and fluoride as they irritate the joints, skin and cause asthma and breathing problems)
  • Earthing for Arthritis – A natural method that relieves inflammation and pain allowing your joints to heal)
  • Yoga or Tai Chi for arthritis – Helps extend your range of motion in a way that easy on your joints

5) Use Arthritis Relief Therapies (OA and RA)

If you are suffering with back, neck or hip problems you will want to check out the many great healing products that will make your life much easier. There are:

  • Far Infrared Heating Pads – Relieves Joint Pain and Heals Connective Tissues
  • Inversion Therapy Tables – Relieves Back/Spinal Pressure and Sciatica
  • Deep Penetrating Laser Therapy – Brings Deep Healing to the specific joints that are causing your pain
  • Trigger Point Activation– Stops local arthritis pain in one side, area or joint socket
  • Muscle Balance Therapy – Technique that keeps your body symmetrical and allows healing growth and proper alignment and pressure on your spine and joints
  • Tapping for Arthritis – It is an amazing natural treatment that uses the Emotional Freedom Technique to stop your arthritis pain and inflammation. It involves tapping on acupressure points to relieve the triggers that cause pain, inflammation and joint degeneration

These devices and techniques can really not only stop but actually heal the source or cause of your arthritis pain. Use the arthritis joint pain remedies to stop the swelling and inflammation, and use the therapies and treatment devices to get your joints healthy and flexible again for pain free joints for life.


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