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Natural Cures for Arthritis

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Natural Cures for Arthritis


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A Cure for Arthritis?

There is a way from arthritis pain and swelling into complete arthritis pain relief. We will show you the best tested cures for arthritis.


Getting relief from inflammation is critical for Arthritis sufferers who want to have freedom of movement and relieve arthritic pain.  There are many common prescription medications for arthritis pain management (but no real cure for arthritis) on the market that do help manage the pain and symptoms, but not without major drawbacks and never long term results.


Prescription medications like Vioxx, Celebrex, etc. which include Cox-2 inhibitors are the most commonly prescribed for arthritis sufferers.  They can provide temporary relief, but sometimes they can be extremely dangerous to your health and may even put you in the hospital!


Even the over the counter medications and supplements such as aspirin, acetaminophen and ibuprofen can have permanent damaging effects on your body and even poison your liver.  A safer alternative to the synthetic medications may be the use of certain arthritis products such as natural herbs and supplements. They work with your body and gently bring your body back to its ideal state of wellness.

Natural Arthritis Cures

Arthritis Diet (proper arthritis nutrition and supplementation) is the first step, and the best step in effecting an effective rheumatoid arthritis cure or even an osteoarthritis cure.  Adopting a proper arthritis diet combined with special arthritis exercises can really be as close to a magic bullet as they come.  They can give you long-term and even permanent relief when used together as a system.  Check out our Joint Relief Guide which gives you a simple guide to moving from arthritis pain into optimum health.


Too Much Calcium in Our Joints?


Yes, Calcium! Just what you probably thought it was. And you were absolutely right. But doesn’t every traditional medical expert tell us that we have calcium deficiencies, and our bones and joints are weak from a lack of this mineral? Right again. That is their “expert opinion.” Then why do we have calcium deposits in our joints causing this arthritis to begin with? TOO MUCH BAD CALCIUM IN YOUR DIET!

Have you noticed that everything these days is “calcium fortified?” Even your orange juice! They want customers and they want them bad. As we age our bodies produce more cortisol (an inflammatory stress hormone) and less growth hormone (tissue regeneration hormone).

What Cures Arthritis?

Did you know that Arthritis is actually one of the easiest diseases to cure? I’m about to let you in on the secret that your doctor does not want you to know “that arthritis sufferers DON’T NEED the expensive drugs and treatments they were being sold.” Their main concern is staying in business, not keeping you free from arthritis and pain. If you had no arthritis and no pain, you would not need their services – and you don’t! They would like nothing better than to prescribe medications that will keep you as a customer for life, as they lead to other illnesses that you will need more office visits and more medications to manage (not cure.) The best cure for arthritis is one that stops the environment from being ripe for arthritis. Using the three branches of curative medicine will help you do just that.

Three Natural Cures for Arthritis

  1. Zeolites – Traditional formula that removes the pathogenic cause of arthritis
  2. Rhumatol – Natural Homeopathic remedy that stops the rheumatic cause of arthritis
  3. Joint Complex II – Herbal and nutritional cure that uses natural herbs to decrease the chronic inflammation cause of arthritis.

By using these three natural arthritis cures as a synergistic system, you can treat the causes of arthritis on all 3 levels (homeopathic, herbal and traditional), without the harmful side-effects of the standard treatment.

The Arthritis Cure

Is there an actual cure for arthritis? To take a quote from the world famous herbalist Dr. Christopher (Creator of the Incurables program) “there are no incurable conditions, only incurable people.” Wonderful point meaning that if we take the proper steps we can get ourselves out of anything that we may have inadvertently stepped into, like Arthritis! There is most definitely a system that combines natural herbs, homeopathy and Ayurveda that delivers the most complete relief that has been witnessed by many people who have completed it, and are now symptom free. 

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