Dogs Symptoms of Arthritis

Dogs Symptoms of Arthritis 


dog arthritis 

Signs of Dog Arthritis

Did you know that your dog can get arthritis? Yes, it's actually one of the most common dog illnesses among “man's best friend.” It breaks your heart to see such a loving being (I consider my dog to be a special being) suffering with dog joint pain and see your dog limping and even whining sometimes.


If you've noticed that your dog is not being as active as he or she normally is and is constantly licking around the joint areas, that may be a first sign that he or she may actually be at the beginning stages of developing canine arthritis.  Thankfully you do not have to allow your dog to suffer silently as there are plenty of things that you can do to help them get dog joint pain relief and their lively mobility back too.


Evaluate your dogs symptoms and see if you can notice any of the following:


  • Is you dog limping?
  • Does there seem to be excessive paw or joint chewing or licking?
  • Is your dog now sleeping longer or more often than normal?
  • Does your dog constantly have watery eyes?
  • Does your dog jump the same as usual, like onto the bed or couch?
  • Does your dog not want to move around much?
  • Do you hear a clicking noise when your dog is walking?


If you answered yes to any of the previous questions, and especially if you answer more than one, then your dog may be beginning to exhibit the signs of a dog arthritis.  No matter what size or breed your dog belongs to, they all can develop arthritis.


Here are some of the positive measures you can take right now to help alleviate your dogs arthritis pain and suffering and help your best friend get back to his happy, playful self. One of the best treatment options to relieve his arthritis pain is a glucosamine for dogs supplement that you can place in his or her food or water. This will help rebuild and cushion the joints as well as stop the swelling and discomfort. You are actually rebuilding your dogs joint sockets so it's best to get a 90 day supply and use it in every meal until you see his or her full recovery.


Another new treatment type that can be used with the glucosamine for dogs is using homeopathic dog arthritis remedies specifically made for arthritis in dogs. What homeopathy does is to short circuit the pathway that is causing your dog pain and discomfort, so his nerve endings become sensitized and therefore less painful and swollen. Using both type of products together seems to work the best, because not only do you relieve his or her pain, but you actually help rebuild a healthy joint socket. They work really well together, so give your dog the best shot for a quick and happy recovery by getting started on these nutrients today!


The faster you get started means the quicker you'll have a happy pooch jumping up and down and licking your face again! Visit the Arthritis Dog page for more information on how to relieve your dogs pain today!




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  1. My Lab developed arthritis and it was unfortunately was made worse by a vet who prescribed pills that just didn’t work. He was in a lot of pain but fortunately a change of vet and medication sorted out the problem. The point is, it causes them a lot of pain but is treatable with the right medication.

  2. Yes, Just like human physicians, vets also prescribe harmful animal medications that actually harm them! Natural supplements that help soothe joint pain and rebuild damaged cartilage are by far the safest, least expensive, and the ones that actually work!

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