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Arthritis in Dogs

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You Can End Your Dog’s Arthritis Pain Naturally!


Arthritis In Dogs

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Canine Arthritis is just as real as the human form, If you have seen an adult human suffer with arthritis and tell you how the pain and stiffness affects their life, you can begin to imagine how if affects our “best friend.” Arthritis in Dogs can be tough to see if you love animals as much as I do, fortunately there is something that you can do to end their pain and suffering.


Begin by quickly evaluating your dogs arthritis symptoms and see if you can notice any of the following behaviors:

  • Is you dog limping?
  • Does there seem to be excessive paw or joint chewing or licking?
  • Is your dog now sleeping longer or more often than normal?
  • Does your dog constantly have watery eyes?
  • Does your dog jump the same as usual, like onto the bed or couch?
  • Does your dog not want to move around much?
  • Do you hear a clicking noise when your dog is walking?

If you answer yes to any of the previous questions, and especially if you answer more than one, then your dog may be beginning to exhibit the signs of a definite dog illness most probably, dog arthritis. No matter what size or breed your dog belongs to, they all can develop arthritis. The most common types of arthritis in dogs are: Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Septic Arthritis.

Canine Arthritis Treatment for Dogs

Osteoarthritis can be genetic, and will become increasingly worse with age if his or her caretaker does not take some specific treatment actions. Fortunately this is the the most common and easiest to treat. This is best accomplished by feeding your dog holistic dog food (particularly raw dog food that has the natural enzymes and nutrients that they are meant to eat like Wysong Holistic Dog Food). Also allow your dog to have plenty of natural Omega-3’s like cold water fish foods or even breaking open a capsule and adding it to their food.


Secondly using a glucosamine based supplement to reduce the pain and inflammation and help them rebuild and cushion their joints. Finally it is wise to give them ionized water to drink as it quenches the acidity that aggravates arthritis and is the cause for many diseases in animals as well as people. If you feed your dog like a human, then they develop human like diseases because of all the unnatural additives. Give them a chance to choose and you’ll see which they go for.


Rheumatoid Arthritis occurs when the dog’s immune system produces antibodies that attack the body’s own healthy cells like its a foreign invader. When this happens, cartilage and the surrounding tissue will become seriously inflamed and damaged. Treat using the osteoarthritis treatment above adding a rheumatic relief component like Athro-IonX to their drinking water, again preferably ionic water.


Septic Arthritis happens when your dog gets an infection that spreads to the joint areas and starts to deteriorate your dogs joints. Begin with adding Zeolite-AV to their food or drinking water. This will neutralize the infections that are the main cause of this type of arthritis in dogs. Secondly use the Pet Joint Supplement to treat the arthritic symptoms and ease your dogs pain.

Arthritis In Dogs Treatment Checklist

Here is an easy to follow guideline for getting your best friend back to his active, loving and happy pain-free existence:

  • Choose a holistic organic dog food (no unnecessary additive), particularly raw with probiotics and essential fatty acids as their main meal (that’s what their body easily digests, they grow better hair, stronger teeth and they thrive on it!)
  • Give them alkalinewater to drink (particularly ionized and structured alkalized water as the acidity can make their bones brittle, aggravates arthritis and causes many other diseases)
  • Use an glucosamine joint support supplement like Pet Joint
  • Add homeopathic drops like Arthro-Ionx (which itself if alkaline) to their food or water to relieve the pain and rheumatism from arthritis
  • Walk your dog regularly, particularly with contact to the earth, grass, beach or even at the beach (I’ve found a website that can help you locate dog friendly beaches and dog friendly parks where they’re free to roam without a leash) Nature’s natural energy field produces a healing vibration called grounding or earthing and is extremely healthy for animal’s health and mental state as it is for humans!
  • Pet your dog and send your loving intentions to them (they can feel it and it will expedite healing (you’ll actually feel better too)

Do these things and your best friend will make a fast and happy recovery in little time flat.


Glucosamine for Dogs

Glucosamine, Chondroitin and Vitamin-C have been clinically shown to help dogs with arthritis (particularly osteoarthritis and degenerative types of arthritis) and you can generally see improvement in a few weeks of regular use. You can supercharge their healing process by combining it with a homeopathic supplement that works at the neurological level. Pet Bounce is an all-natural, plant-based homeopathic blend is designed to help alleviate the symptoms your pet may be experiencing safely and without side effects, so your family friend can resume activity with better mobility and more comfort.


If they have a Rheumatory type of arthritis (Rheumatoid Arthritis, Septic Arthritis or Inflammatory Arthritis) then I would recommend another product that modulates the immune system as well, like a product like Arthro-Ionx.

The Top Dog Joint Supplements That Stop Dog Joint Pain

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Choosing a natural supplement that supports immune system and joint health allows your dog to fully enjoy life without pain or discomfort. If they are given prescription pet medications, they experience the same harmful side effects that people do, but they can’t tell you how crummy it makes them feel.


Arthro-Ionx will relieve pain caused by Dog Arthritis, and all other forms of pain or pet osteoarthritis that affect your pets and get “Ralph” back to his active, happy, loving and tail-wagging self again! To find out how Arthro-Ionx relieves your pets arthritis symptoms safely and quickly, visit Arthro-Ionx.


Here is what people are saying about how Arthro-Ionx is helping their “best friend” life a happy and healthy life, without arthritis and hip pain:


He now shows little to no signs of pain or disease!

Between the ages of 6 months and 1 year, my black Airedale puppy developed hip dysplasia that dramatically cut down on his quality of play and life. We contemplated femoral head osteotomy (ugly surgery) but decided to wait a bit and added Arthro-IonX to his daily diet routine.

He is now approaching 2 years of age and for all practical purposes, shows little to no signs of pain or disease. I’m not a doctor or research specialist, but I am a lifelong dog owner and my common sense (and the only thing we changed) tells me that this single daily teaspoon of Arthro-IonX in my dog’s diet has changed the course of his disease (and my) life – can’t say enough positive things about this product!

– Roger D., TX 5 Star


Thank you for saving my dog!

I will admit I was skeptical about this product. We have a 5-year-old Border Collie with arthritis so bad we were deciding whether to put her down or not. We found VETiONX’s Arthro-IonX for dogs and started her on it (double dose for the first couple of days). My husband and I are amazed at how well she is doing. Tip wants to play ball again, she’s eating better and seems just a very happy, pain-free, wonderful dog. I can’t express enough how happy my husband and I are to find this product. Tip has been on the product for just over a week. Thank you for saving my dog.

Debbie and her best friend Tipper

– Debbie L., Alberta 5 Star



Click on the Pet Joint Supplement or Arthro-Ionx Bottles or order now buttons, to get your animal companion the help they deserve right now (they work really well together, traditional and alternative supplements)!


dogs arthritis supplement Pet Joint Supplement Benefits

  • Supports the joint function
  • Enhanced mobility and demeanor
  • Brings out the “puppy” in your dog
  • Supports the Biochemical Functions
  • Healthy and stronger Bones and Joints
  • Treats sprains, strains and muscle aches and pains
  • Completely Guaranteed to Work!

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canine arthritis treatment arthro ionx

Arthro-Ionx Benefits

  • Safely and effectively relieve your pet’s arthritis pain
  • Relieves Hip Dysplasia in dogs
  • Restore your pet’s mobility and flexibility
  • Boost your pet’s energy & vitality levels
  • Activate the healing process in your pet’s body
  • Relieves rheumatic symptoms
  • Work safely & naturally, with no negative side effects
  • Completely Guaranteed to Work!

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