Hip Arthritis

Hip Arthritis


arthritis in hip


Arthritis in Hip

Hip Arthritis or arthritis hips is primarily a type of wear and tear arthritis called Osteoarthritis. It  is the form of joint arthritis caused by degeneration of the hip joint cartilage and bare bone begins to grind upon bare bone. It is a condition that typically affects people during their midlife years and beyond (50+). You can also have Rheumatoid Arthritis in hips or Psoriatic Arthritis hip arthritis, although these are less common than osteoarthritis. Hip arthritis symptoms seem to get worse as the condition in general worsens- you have good days and flare up days.


Particularly when the weather changes radically, and more during the colder weather days. Sufferers tend to “feel it in their bones.” It may also be hip bursitis if the bursa sac is inflamed. If you have hip arthritis then you will also want to make sure you don’t have osteoporosis, a condition where your bones become brittle and makes it highly likely you will fracture your hip. See: Natural Remedies for Osteoporosis.


rheumatoid arthritis hip pain


Rheumatoid Arthritis in Hips

Rheumatoid arthritis in Hips is hip pain is caused by your immune system (and viruses) attacking your joint linings and eating away at your healthy cartilage. Rheumatoid arthritis in hips causes a condition of chronic inflammation in your joints that needs to be taken care of ASAP if you want to prevent further damage.


If you have hip rheumatoid arthritis, then you will need to use a couple of different natural remedies to relieve the cause of your rheumatoid arthritis hip pain. Consider using a Homeopathic Arthritis Treatment because it works well for relieving Rheumatoid Arthritis symptoms quickly. Then use specific remedies for RA to stop the autoimmune cause of arthritis. This can be done with an immune balancing natural mineral (removes the underlying viral infection present in RA and also flushes out toxic heavy metal deposits in your joints that breed infections.


Natural Zeolite Powder works wonders for arthritis, particularly rheumatoid arthritis and septic arthritis) because it traps and removes viruses from your joints and body. I recommend a specific type of zeolite for RA called Zeotrex because it has medicinal mushrooms that are proven infection fighters that blend harmoniously with zeolites to balance your immune system and stop it from attacking your joints so you can finally heal.


symptoms of hip arthritis


Hip Arthritis Symptoms

If you have severe hip pain or chronic hip pain then you more than likely have some form of hip arthritis. Take a look at the most common hip arthritis symptoms and see if you are experiencing any of the following:

  • Pain in the hips or groin area (particularly going to the knee)
  • Stiffness that causes difficulty in walking without pain
  • Difficulty getting your body straitened when getting out of a chair or bed
  • Tight hips persisting 60 minutes or longer after awakening
  • Inability to bring your knee up to your chest
  • Walking with a limp or favoring one side
  • Limited range of motion
  • Hips feel looser after working out or exercise
  • Weakness in the legs
  • Urinary problems

If you have any of the above symptoms of hip arthritis pain then you will want to treat it naturally as soon as you can to prevent further damage and protect your mobility.


natural joint pain relief 

Arthritis Hip Pain

So what causes or worsens your arthritis hip pain? There are a few things that cause your hip pain from arthritis or other arthritis risk factors like the following:

  • Osteoporosis and weakening of the hip joint socket and cartilage
  • Professional dancers and gymnasts who use repetitive movements of the hips
  • Injuries that cause hip compression, like an automobile accident or a fall where you land on your side or knees
  • There may even be some genetic predisposition to this condition as well

Although you may feel severely debilitated there are a lot of natural remedies that can really help you recover quickly and fully. Start by doing hip arthritis exercises that strengthen your hip muscles so they can take pressure off your hip joints.


inversion chair table


Hip Arthritis Exercises

Doing regular hip arthritis exercises can help keep your hips in proper alignment and prevent further damage from arthritis in the hips or osteoporosis. Do at least one of these joint friendly arthritis exercises once per day:

  • Water exercise or aerobics (swimming or walking in a pool with lukewarm water)
  • Get Inverted – Use an Inversion Table (pictured above) and use it to relieve the pressure off your hips and spinal column
  • Resistance Training – Joint friendly non-impact Arthritis Exercises to strengthen the muscles surrounding the joints , taking pressure off of them and begin true healing.
  • Ergonomic Posture reduces stress on your back and joints.
  • Muscle Balance Therapy – Anatomically correct hip balancing exercises and stretching routines that keep your hips in proper alignment and strengthen the muscles to keep your hips from fracture!

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Hip Arthritis Treatment

The Best Hip Arthritis Treatment. If you’re looking for a natural solution to chronic hip, back and leg pain from arthritis I recommend that you look at the complete back pain healing program as it shows that most lower back pain is actually caused by the hip muscles being imbalanced.

  • Get a Far Infrared Heating Pad, and drape it over across your hips. This allows your muscles and connective tissues to relax and reduces inflammation and pain.
  • Use Trigger Point Therapy to relieve the pressure on the nerves that are causing you severe pain
  • Adopt an Arthritis Diet and add warming spices to your foods like curry, turmeric, ginger, garlic and cayenne
  • Heal and Soothe your joint pain caused by scar tissue and calcified joint deposits
  • Include Omega-3 Supplements (preferably from northern cold water fish)
  • Take Natural Anti Inflammatory Supplements that stop the pain and inflammation with hip arthritis.  
  • Drink Alkaline Water (removing acidity from the joints is extremely important and hydrating the joint keeps it operating smoothly and fluidly)

Doing these simple things can do what years of traditional medical treatments can’t: reverse your hip arthritis for good!