Psoriatic Arthritis Diet

diet for arthritisThis is the foundation of lasting and permanent arthritis joint pain relief. If you master the arthritis diet and regularly include the arthritis exercises into your daily routine, you will find that you no longer need or desire the expensive prescription medication, doctor and hospital visits, and will also free yourself from a host of other diseases and conditions.  You will also be able to save a lot of money and use it for yourself, for you and your families future.  Let’s face it, you need the money you have earned a lot more than your doctors do!  They make their money, when you are sick, not when you are well.  Lets fix this by taking control of our own bodies and make our own decisions based upon what is best for us and those that love us.

There is no mystery except to most medical doctors who do not have the training (or financial reason) to investigate and study the nutritional aspects to why we become ill in the first place. Medical doctors routinely receive about 8-16 hours of instruction in nutrition! Are you surprised? You should be! In fact there was a study comparing the knowledge between doctors and patients to see how would have better knowledge about nutrition. Guess who won? The patients, hands down! They really don’t want to know, because if they did, they would have a lot less patients and they would have to find another business to make money. They prescribe, not nutrition, but pharmaceuticals.

Our diet controls our internal environment (how healthy our cells and organs are) as well as our outer environment (how healthy our skin looks and how elastic and wrinkle free it is.) Exercise speeds recovery by bringing oxygen and nutrients (from active and healthy foods) and keeps our bodies alkaline and healthy, able to look and perform like a healthy young adult. Pharmaceuticals do the opposite. They destroy health, and cause all kinds of chain reaction side-effects that disrupt the ease (dis-ease) that is inherent in our bodies.

For Arthritis sufferers, this means that if we choose to eat primarily a diet for arthritis, that is composed of alkaline and alive foods, we will experience no inflammation, no pain, and we will be able to perform with optimal energy and stamina (mental and physical.) The joint friendly arthritis exercises help to strengthen the muscles, tendons and ligaments around the joint socket, taking pressure off of the protective inner layers of the joints. This means full range of motion and no pain when extending or contracting our joints.

This is the takeaway incorporate the following into your daily routine and suffer no more:

Arthritis Diet

Arthritis Exercise

Arthritis Remedies

You can find a complete cure for arthritis by following the Joint Relief Guide which details each step in a simple order, with everything you need to succeed in one place!

Since arthritis can be alleviated by following a joint healthy diet (one that is low inflammatory and good for your bones and joints) this should be the primary strategy to move from arthritis into being completely free from arthritis pain and inflammation.