Rheumatoid Arthritis and Dental Treatment

Rheumatoid Arthritis and Dental Treatment


rheumatoid arthritis and teeth


Rheumatoid Arthritis and Teeth

Rheumatoid Arthritis and Teeth. There is shocking new evidence that traditional dentistry is causing a host of serious diseases in people of all ages. The connection is just being made between the toxic chemicals that non holistic dentistry uses. Many of the chemicals and heavy metals that are used at your standard dentist's office or PPO dental center are causing oral arthritis symptoms (jaw arthritis, reactive arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and Temporomandibular joint dysfunction or TMJ) and other serious chronic health conditions. The westernized countries now have the worst overall dental health in the world! Rheumatoid Arthritis and Dental Treatment is a major cause of jaw arthritis pain and or TMJ symptoms.


The chemicals used in westernized dentistry actually damage your immune system, particularly sodium fluoride (a neurotoxin, brain toxin, nervous system toxin and immune system toxin) and mercury (a total body poison.) If you are going to do a dentist that uses these chemicals (they wear masks when they administer it to you) you should ask them not to use them or choose a holistic dentist instead. It causes rheumatoid arthritis, septic arthritis, reactive arthritis, psoriatic arthritis and autoimmune disorders. 


reactive arthritis


Mercury Arthritis

If you currently have or have had in the recent past, any type of metallic dental fillings (Mercury Arthritis), please see a holistic dentist to have them safely removed. They seriously damage and destroy your brain, organs, joints and poison your liver. Here is a small list of what mercury does in your body:

  • Cause Arthritis
  • Interfere with DNA and proper genetic replication (accelerate aging)
  • Unnecessary and Dangerous Root Canals (99% are highly painful and unnecessary, not to mention expensive)
  • Cause Gum Disease (Gingivitis)
  • Cause Alzheimer's, Huntington's and Parkinson's Diseases
  • Poison your liver and blood
  • Stops your immune system from working properly
  • Damages your teeth!

I had a mouthful of these harmful toxins (although at the time I trusted what my dentist said) and had many painful root canals and was always “not feeling up to par.” I did a little research and met up with a holistic doctor who told me that my painful knee and constant allergies may be coming from my fillings. He suggested that I make an appointment with a holistic dentist, who would have my fillings safely removed. This is very important because of the dangers of liver damage and becoming really sick when the mercury becomes vaporized if it is removed improperly. Ever wonder why those same dentists use masks but leave you without protection?


I made the switch and there is no way in the world I would ever go back. My standard dentist hacked up my mouth something terrible and I lost a lot of gum tissue and suffered through 4 root canals on the same tooth. They recommended the same for other teeth, and even wanted to do another root canal on the same one they didn't get right yet. At $2,000 a pop and horrible pain (even for a Marine) I said “are you kidding me?” I googled a holistic dentist in my area, and I haven't been to a dentist in 8 years now, and have healthy teeth and gums!



Mercury Fillings Toxic?

Are Mercury Fillings Toxic? Watch this video of a 60 minutes episode that the ADA (American Dental Association) told them not to air ever again. It gets taken down from YouTube frequently, but I will try to upload if it gets deleted, because this is important for everyone to see. Thanks to the interviewer Morley Safer, who is brave and doesn't back down from these ADA quacks. His video was taken down again once he passed but there are plenty more showing the dangers of mercury fillings like the above video shows.

This isn't the only danger of traditional dentistry and mercury amalgam fillings. They also use sodium Fluoride, which is another highly toxic poison that actually causes dental fluorosis (cracking and brittle teeth). Have you ever wondered why toothpaste with fluoride in it has a “call poison control center if swallowed” warning on it? Most traditional dentists do what the ADA tells them to do, irregardless of your or your family's safety, so “Caveat Emptor” or let the buyer beware. You can choose safe natural dental care products and not be at risk of getting or worsening arthritis symptoms.


holistic dentistry


Natural Dental Care

Natural Dental Care is the opposite. It is also called Holistic Dentistry and is the safe alternative to mercury fillings and dental products that can cause reactive arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis. Here's what you can do right now to insure you (and particularly seniors and children) are getting safe and non-toxic health promoting dental care:

  • Get Your Mercury Amalgam Fillings Removed Now! (This is critical as you are poisoning your body, brain and causing dental arthritis) – Choose a holistic dentist that does it safely as the mercury turns to a vapor gas and can cause serious health reactions and liver failure.
  • Use zeolite detox before, during and after (zeolite is a natural heavy metal detoxifier and remover and binds it and eliminates it quickly from your body)
  • Brush with an ionic toothbrush (it's gentle and removes 48% more plaque than your regular electric or regular toothbrush)
  • Use a fluoride-free toothpaste organic toothpaste (organic means no chemicals to damage your teeth) only!
  • Use tooth probiotics like Evora to displace unhealthy bacteria that cause tooth decay with healthy enamel building ones (it also will naturally whiten teeth too)

You're well on your way to a beautiful and healthy smile that will last as long as you do. No arthritis pain or painful drilling!  For more information on why you might want to visit a natural dentist, visit: Holistic Dentistry.


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