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What is Stenosis of the Spine?

Spinal Stenosis is an unnatural narrowing of the spinal column (stenosis) that may occur in any of the regions of the spine. It is most commonly associated with Sciatica, Cervical Spondylosis, Lumbar Spondylosis and Cervical Homeopathy. It is sometimes referred to as Spondylosis of the spine. Watch this short video to find out how spinal stenosis occurs and what the symptoms are:



Cervical Spondylosis

Spondylosis is a term meaning degenerative osteoarthritis of the joints between the nerves and the spinal vertebrae. It is sometimes referred to as spondylosis of the spine.  If the condition is more severe, it may cause pressure on nerve endings and cause excruciating pain, paresthesia, or muscle weakness in the limbs.


Cervical Myelopathy

Direct pressure on the spinal cord (typically in the cervical or upper part of the spine) may result in myelopathy. The symptoms of Cervical Myelopathy are usually as follows:

  • general weakness,
  • trouble walking in a straight line,
  • the loss of balance,
  • loss of bowel and/or bladder control.


Lumbar Spondylosis

If it is affecting the lower back region, then it is referred to as Lumbar Spondylosis. It has the same basic characteristics as Cervical Spondylosis, just lower in the back area.


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Spinal Stenosis Symptoms

The main symptoms of Spondylosis are as follows:

  • severe pain in the neck,
  • pain in the shoulders,
  • pain in the arms,
  • pain in the back,
  • pain in the legs,
  • all accompanied by muscle weakness in the affected area

These symptoms are usually associated with Repetitive Strain Injuries, like working on a computer, or doing some other repetitive task using and overextending the same muscles and joints over time. Ergonomics can play a part in helping reduce the occurrences of spondylosis.



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Spinal Stenosis Natural Treatments

Standard medical treatments usually involve surgery and pain medications. These may help you temporarily but they seldom will help rid you of this permanently. Fortunately, holistic therapies exist that allow you to naturally come back into proper alignment. Chiropractic care can help you get more range of movement and temporarily ease the pain from spondylosis. Proper exercise, stretching and ergonomic posture play a big role in complete recovery. As do taking some natural healing supplements.


Get Sciatica and Spinal Stenosis Relief

  • Get a Far Infrared Heating Pad, and drape it over your back. This allows your muscles and connective tissues to relax and reduces inflammation and pain.
  • Begin incorporating an arthritis diet, and cut back on the items that cause inflammation and pain
  • Include Omega-3 oils (preferably from northern cold water fish)
  • Add warming spices (anti-inflammatories) to your meals if you enjoy them (curry, turmeric, ginger, garlic, cayenne)
  • Drink plenty of fluids, particularly Ionized Water (removing acidity from the joints is extremely important and  hydrating the joint keeps it operating smoothly and fluidly)
  • Try topical Rub-On Relief for temporary relief (provides temporary acute pain relief while recovering)
  • Take arthritis remedies (glucosamine, SAM-e, Curcumin Turmeric & Bioprene)
  • Use Homeopathy for Sciatica Pain in conjunction with herbal remedies and muscle exercises and relaxers
  • Lower your overall stress level (watch a comedy or even sing around the house, it really does work)


Spinal Stenosis Exercises

  • Water exercise or aerobics (swimming or walking in a pool with lukewarm water)
  • Get Inverted Use an Inversion Table and use it to relieve the pressure off your neck and spinal column
  • Hit The Trigger Use trigger point therapy to relieve the pressure on the nerves that are causing the pain
  • Resistance Training Perform joint friendly non-impact arthritis exercises to strengthen the muscles surrounding the joints , taking pressure off of them and begin true healing.
  • Posture Training – The Alexander Technique is really great for this.  Proper Posture is very important in getting arthritis pain relief and this is also taught in the Feldenkrais (highly recommended) methods which are similar and can help you never experience a back ache or joint ache again!
  • Ergonomics – Proper Ergonomic Posture reduces stress on your back and joints.
  • Muscle Balance Therapy This provides you a way to remove the cause of your back pain. Highly recommended!


Best Treatment For Lower Back Pain

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