Natural Anti Inflammatory Supplements

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Natural Anti Inflammatory Supplements

Natural Anti Inflammatory Supplements are so important to your health and well-being in today's world. What anti inflammatory herbs, spices foods and supplements do is to stop excess inflammation, reduce the swelling and relieve your pain from inflammation. They quench free radicals (cell damaging substances) and expedite the healing process so you can be pain free and regain your normal mobility. Using these natural inflammation fighting supplements can even save your life, as heart and brain inflammation can cause fatal conditions.

Chronic inflammation is at the root of all chronic diseases and lowers your quality and quantity of life expectancy by huge margin. There are quite a few good natural anti inflammatory supplements and foods that can help you not only relieve your inflammation pain, but also improve your health drastically and enhance the quantity and quality of your life. These are much safer than prescription medicines that have harmful and sometimes lethal side effects. Choosing a natural anti inflammatory supplements for arthritis or any other inflammatory condition can help you live a more healthy, active and enjoyable life.

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What is Anti Inflammatory?

What is Anti Inflammatory? Inflammation is a natural part of your body’s immune response; without it, we can't heal because it draws healing nutrients (if they are in your body) to the injured or infected area. But when inflammation becomes chronic, like in Rheumatoid Arthritis and other inflammatory diseases, it can damage your whole body. Most harmful and chronic diseases are caused by chronic inflammation and stress.


You can control the inflammation that is happening in your body with a healthier outlook on life (stress reduction) a more alkaline diet and natural anti inflammatory supplements. You don't need to overuse NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs) as they cause damage to your internal organs. Natural anti-inflammatories do the same thing without the harmful side effects. They actually cause a whole body healing instead! That's where taking the best natural anti inflammatory supplements can help you stop excess or chronic inflammation from damaging your body.

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Natural Anti Inflammatory Foods

What are the best natural anti inflammatory foods? And which foods cause inflammation that you should actively avoid? High simple carbohydrate foods, like starches and simple sugars and rancid fats can cause chronic inflammation in your body. Dr. Scott Zashin, a clinical professor from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center has discovered linked inflammation as a main cause of arthritis and says: “They cause over activity in the immune system, which can lead to joint pain, fatigue, and damage to the blood vessels.”

  • Healthy Oils like Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (From Greece, as Italian oils are cut with cheaper oils)
  • Omega 3 Fish Oils
  • Avocados
  • Flax Seeds or Flax Seed Oil
  • Fatty Fish like Salmon or Mackerel (Ideally from the North Atlantic because of recent radiation in the Pacific regions)
  • Nuts and Seeds, especially Walnuts.

Add the above foods into your meals as an anti inflammatory diet and use natural anti inflammatory supplements that can help you stop chronic inflammation and drastically improve your health and fitness levels.


Although these anti inflammatory foods are beneficial, using natural anti inflammatory herbs and spices (like Turmeric for Arthritis) have a high level of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, that help improve the nutrition of the foods you eat. Herbs are some of the most powerful natural medicines known to humanity since the dawn of time, and rank even higher in antioxidant healing properties than fruits and vegetables. Here are the best natural anti inflammatory supplements you should be taking regularly.

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Germ Theory vs Terrain Theory

Germ Theory vs Terrain Theory are the different models of immunity. It is basically the use of vaccines (medical system) vs natural immunity development (holistic health.) The medical system uses the first type to kill the “invading germs” by giving your body dead or weakened germs, fetal cells and chemicals like heavy metals (vaccine ingredients) so your immune system will be able to build a defense against it. You can read the free eBook here: Goodbye Germ Theory by Dr. William P. Trebing.


It sounds good in theory but has the opposite effect in real life situations. If you get a flu vaccine, you will more than likely get the flu, whereas someone who doesn't will usually not. If fact iatrogenic illness (hospital or doctor caused illness, usually from infection) is the 3rd leading cause of death in the U.S. Terrain theory says that your body has become out of balance (dirty tank) so you should clean the tank (detox) and restore natural immunity.


This is done by natural detoxing (removing toxins, heavy metals and underlying infections) and then rebuilding a healthy immune system. You can detox your body naturally with a mineral called Zeolite. Then restore optimum balance in your body with probiotics and natural immune system boosting herbs, vitamins, minerals and foods that feed your immune system so it can protect you against any external (or internal) overgrowth of a particular pathogen or toxin. 

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Turmeric For Anti Inflammation

One of the most healing and protective herbs and spices is Turmeric Curcumin. Turmeric Anti Inflammatory herbal remedies are excellent at healing inflammation and pain naturally. It is the basis for most NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) because it is a natural cox-2 inhibitor that stops the cause for chronic inflammation. A great all in one turmeric formula that includes this natural cox-2 inhibitor with pain relief is Turmeric Plus (pictured above.) 


It works great if you take enough of it if you have any inflammation or joint pain (you need to take a medicinal dose instead of a maintenance dose) for pain relief, but it does work really well. I use it regularly when I lift heavy at the gym (I am a natural bodybuilder and it saves my joints and prevents arthritis.) You can even add the capsules to hot water to make an anti inflammatory tea if that is your cup of tea!


The turmeric plant is one of the best natural anti inflammatory supplements and is native to India and has been used successfully for thousands of years. Indian Ayurvedic Doctors and Traditional Chinese Doctors used this natural anti-inflammatory food to treat arthritis, bursitis, inflammation, pain, digestive problems and even blood pressure. The active ingredient is called curcumin and is found in many traditional Indian dishes, particularly curry.  It's what gives the curry it's yellow color. The more color a natural food or spice has, usually the more antioxidant and nutritional value as well!


Turmeric must be taken with bioperine (black pepper) to be bio-available or absorbable by the body!


Turmeric Curcumin is so effective that major pharmaceutical companies are vying to get a patent on it. They have been trying to mimic it's effects for decades, mostly unsuccessfully and with major side effects. Curcumin is natural, inexpensive and can be included in soups, rice and vegetable dishes as well as to season meats and fish. You can start by adding it as a spice to many of your dishes or you can even buy capsules if the flavor is too strong for you. 

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Omega 3 Anti Inflammatory

I'm sure you've heard of these benefits of Omega 3 Anti Inflammatory oils like krill, fish and flax seed oils by now.  Their benefits are so overwhelming that most people should include them into their diets as much as they can, even young healthy people can reap huge benefits from them.  There are many sources of natural Omega 3 oils. I like the Krill Oil Plus (pictured above) because it is the most potent form of Omega 3 fatty acids and it high in the most potent antioxidant (Astaxanthin) that lowers chronic inflammation dramatically. It is an oil that is one of the best natural anti inflammatory supplements for not only arthritis joint pain but heart health too!


Traditional western diets are high in Omega 6 oils, which lead to inflammation in the body. EPA and DHA Omega 3 Supplements are the exact opposite, they stop inflammation. We don't get enough in our diets typically and that is why it is good to make sure we are adding them.  Let's look at a few of their many benefits:

  • Naturally Elevates Your Mood
  • Decreases Inflammation in All Tissues
  • Improves blood sugar
  • Increases Energy and Decreases Appetite
  • Improves Cardiovascular Health
  • Natural Arthritis Pain Relief
  • Improves Skin Conditions
  • Increases Mental Alertness
  • Reduces Fatigue
  • Promotes Healthy Fat Loss

I'm sure you can see how adding full spectrum EPA and DHA Omega 3 Oils (fatty acids) to your diet can markedly improve your overall health, particularly ease arthritis pain and inflammation. Look at the following natural anti inflammatory supplements that relieve pain better than chemical pharmaceuticals, and without the harmful side effects.

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CBD Hemp Oil

CBD Hemp Oil from pure Organic Hemp Extract is the most powerful of all natural anti inflammatory supplements and pain relievers. It has so many natural healing benefits including arthritis joint inflammation pain relief, heart and lung protection as well as virus and cancer healing properties. I have tried quite a few natural CBD Hemp Extracts and I absolutely love the flavor and effect of CBD Hemp Oil (pictured above.)


I was having a little trouble sleeping because of shoulder pain so I tried a half dose of the dropper and I fell asleep and stayed asleep and woke up refreshed, with no shoulder pain for a change. This stuff works! Here are just a few of the many benefits of using CBD hemp extracts:

  • Natural Anti Inflammatory Herb
  • Helps Ease Muscle Spasms
  • Natural Pain Reliever
  • Helps Reverse Glaucoma
  • Helps people recover from IBD
  • Relieves Arthritis Pain
  • Helps Heal from Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Helps Heal Psoriatic Arthritis and Psoriasis
  • Boosts Your Metabolism (natural weight loss)
  • Helpful against Lupus and Autoimmune Disorders (RA and PA)
  • Powerful Anti Cancer Remedy

Organic CBD Oil is an excellent quality natural cannabinoid extract that stops inflammation and pain without side effects. It is one of the most complete natural healing remedies on the planet. It has a real soothing effect on your entire body, as well as particular protection for joint tissues. 

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Anti Inflammatory Cream

The best natural anti inflammatory cream for arthritis stops the cause of your inflammation and relieves pain. Arthritis Creams particularly CBD Pain Relief Cream (pictured above) with natural anti-inflammatories can work really well to break up the inflammation in a specific joint, like if you have osteoarthritis in your knee or rheumatoid arthritis in your hands.


The CBD anti inflammatory cream for arthritis pain relief is a great topical arthritis cream that you rub right into your inflamed and painful joint for instant relief. It is an organic and homeopathic joint balm made specifically to reduce chronic joint inflammation and pain quickly.  You can't do anything very well when you are in severe pain and have limited mobility and range of movement. 

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Best Natural Anti Inflammatory Supplements

These are the best natural anti inflammatory supplements that help relieve pain and joint inflammation naturally. You can take any of the above natural anti inflammatories alone or in combination for best results. Any herb that relieves inflammation helps you immune system as well as relieves pain. Here are the best anti inflammatory vitamins and supplements for arthritis pain relief:

  • Heal n Soothe Arthritis is a natural formula that uses systemic proteolytic enzymes that can safely break up your scar tissue and bone spurs to help your body restore proper joint function without inflammation. It breaks up the reason (joint damage) for your arthritis pain and limited mobility. It is tops in natural anti inflammatory supplements. It can be used with the best natural anti inflammatory supplements shown below too as they work on different pathways in your body to bring real healing and rapid pain relief.
  • Clear Inflammatory Response (pictured above) Uses the immune system boosting and protective power of prebiotics, probiotics, medicinal mushrooms and ginger root extract to boost your natural immunity from your gut, to your whole body for an active immunity against harmful pathogens including Covid related viruses (as well as variants that can make you sick.)
  • MindBody Matrix is one of the best herbal pain relief supplements. It will stop your pain quickly. MindBody Matrix herbal pain killers (capsules) has all the top natural anti inflammatory pain relivers in one formula and it works to stop the pain signals from the source of your pain and helps spur healing and cellular regeneration. Highly recommended as it is proven to work.
  • Kratom Powder is a great natural stress reliever that elevates your mood and brings natural balance into your life. It is available in various types and potencies, as well as in gummies. It is an organic herb that is a potent pain reliever too (people use it as an opioid alternative.) 
  • CBD Hemp Oil is a great natural stress reliever that works really well for stress, anxiety, pain and insomnia relief. If you have severe stress and anxiety, you will want to try Delta 8 or Delta 9 THC, which is available in oils, capsules or gummies.
  • Turmeric Curcumin is the #1 natural anti inflammatory herb that soothes away pain. It is a natural pain herbal reliever along with magnesium and other potent natural pain relievers that are proven (actually, guaranteed) to work for you.
  • Best Type of Magnesium is a natural full spectrum magnesium that is a fully absorbable mineral that soothes and relaxes smooth muscle. It is a natural muscle cramp reliever (good for restless leg syndrome or RLS) as well as a mental relaxer. It promotes a mentally quiet peaceful deep sleep where you wake up naturally refreshed! It also prevents constipation and cleanses your colon.
  • Type 2 Collagen and Mineral Supplement Collagen Peptides and hyaluronic acid or HA is natural healing and strengthen for your tendons, ligaments and joints.
  • Portable Red Light Pain Relief Device is great instant pain relief device for Arthritis, Tendonitis and Muscle Pain Relief.
  • PEMF Therapy is a very deep Penetrating Pain Relief and Rapid Healing Device for Arthritis, Fracture Healing, Tendonitis, Sciatica, Osteoporosis, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Atherosclerosis, Asthma and Bronchitis..

These natural anti inflammatory supplements work for all types of chronic inflammation and can protect you from serious illnesses. It works particularly well for joint pain from osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Heal and Soothe for Arthritis (pictured below) is one of the best natural anti inflammatory supplements that helps stop the reason that your joints are inflamed with pain relieving natural enzymes.


They break up scar tissue in your joints and connective tissues that are inflexible and cause pain when you try and move them. It also breaks up bone spurs that damage your cartilage. It can be used with any of the above natural anti inflammatory supplements for an even more long-term healing effect.

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CBD Hemp Oil


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  5. green tea, the baby leaves picked in early spring grown in mountains may be also the good for arthritis.

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