Muscle Balance Therapy for Arthritis Pain Relief

What is Muscle Balance Therapy?


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Natural Back Pain & Arthritis Therapy

I've been working with people with all levels of arthritis pain for about 10 years now. So, I've personally gathered the results of many traditional and non-traditional types of arthritis treatments. This means keeping in touch with many people and asking them what their level of pain, stiffness and discomfort level is over the course of a year. I've found that the people that actually heal and get long-term or even permanent relief are doing a few specific things. They are not the ones opting for surgery in most cases, they are moving in the opposite direction as the “herd” and taking control of their own wellness, and getting very good results doing it!


Stretching, Exercise and Muscle Balance Therapy

A major part of those people who are recovering and re-gaining full range of painless movement are doing specific exercises. I'm sure that this is not a mystery to most people (maybe to most doctors though). It's almost impossible to heal, not matter what supplements you are taking if you're in a state of chronic pain and inflammation. You must get this to a balanced level before even the best Natural Remedies for Arthritis can even get into the joints to do their magic. Some exercises are really good for improving joint and overall health, and others are potentially damaging. 


When you have arthritis, you need to make sure that the movements you do are joint friendly and both strengthen your surrounding muscles while not over-stressing your tendons and ligaments. You want to provide steady and even weight throughout a range of motion, slowly and steadily. Then you want to stretch and give release to the joints you are strengthening and healing. This can be accomplished by doing muscle balance therapy and using an inversion table, particularly for those with back, herniated discs, fibromyalgia, sacroiliac, stenosis, hip, neck, scoliosis or sciatica pain. 



Benefits of Muscle Balance Therapy

  • Get Your First Nights Deep Rest (Your Body Heals Most When You're In a Deep Delta Level Sleep Cycle, Cortisol production is shut off, and healing Growth Hormone and Melatonin kicks in)
  • Relief from compressed joints and discs
  • Eliminates spasms and painful cramps
  • Actual Healing from the most common Arthritis Symptoms
  • Chronic pain relief
  • Reduces chronic inflammation 
  • Improves Range of Motion

People that I know personally are swearing by this natural treatment over all others that their doctors are recommending. The word is rapidly spreading about this treatment and now even main-stream medical doctors and chiropractors are jumping on board, because it's proven to work and they really care about their patients. 


In fact listen to what a back specialist is saying: 

“The Same Approach I Personally Use With My Patients…” 

“One of the reasons most treatments fail is because they treat the symptoms and not the cause. Unlike most treatment options that may only give temporary relief, the Lose the Back Pain System provides you with an easy to follow plan that addresses both the symptoms and the cause.

The reason this approach works so well is because it's based on basic human anatomy and mechanics principles, that are almost always overlooked and ignored by the mainstream medical community. In my opinion, there is no other treatment available that makes as much sense and it's same approach I personally use with my patients.”

Dr. Robert V. Duvall, DPT, ATC, MGFI


Here is a long-time sufferer has said after using Muscle Balance Therapy for just two weeks:

 “I Was Better Within 2 Weeks!”  

“I am a 56 year old woman living in the Bay Area in California. I am an office worker who sits a lot. I had been trying to exercise to lose weight and every time I would start I would end up with a long lingering pain deep in my left cheek of my buttocks. I thought it was just a tight or strained piriformis but could get no relief by merely stretching just that muscle. I found the Lose the Back Pain program by searching for stretching information on the internet. Once I received the package I started it immediately and within 2 weeks I was all better. I can walk, ride my elliptical, swim, do squats, climb stairs, bend over pulling weeds and all the other physical activities that triggered the pain. I would recommend this excellent program to others who need relief from back

Linda M – San Jose, CA

Guaranteed Relief from the Cause of Your Arthritis Pain

This holistic arthritis treatment has a very high success rate, it can save you a whole lot of pain, unnecessary travel to and from your doctors office, and save you quite a bit of money too. I highly suggest you give Muscle Balance Therapy a try as it's what people are actually are telling me day after day that is working for them! You even get personalized support, meal plans to keep your inflammation in check, unlimited phone and email assistance and it's all guaranteed. You will get better, period.


Just visit the Healthy Back Institute's Muscle Balance Therapy Lose the Back Pain page or click the banner image below to see how it will get rid of the cause of your arthritis pain for good. 


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