What is the Cause of Arthritis

Cause of Arthritis

What is the Cause of Arthritis?

What is the Cause of Arthritis? There isn't one exact cause for all types of arthritis, but many possible Arthritis Causes that are dependent on the type of arthritis you have been diagnosed with and what joints are being affected. In general there are a few common things that lead to arthritis: poor nutrition, stress, obesity and jobs which require repetitive movements of a particular joint socket. includes clerical workers, computer programmers, warehouse people, and sports enthusiasts. There is evidence however, that suggests that physically active people who are not injured have a lower risk of arthritis.


Some studies have suggested that having Gout may sometimes be a contributing factor to causing arthritis. Gout is caused by high levels of uric acid in your body. An acidic body leads to arthritis as well as many chronic inflammatory conditions and constant infections, heart disease and even cancer. Taking Natural Anti Inflammatory Supplements can help greatly reduce the pain and inflammation with arthritis. Below are the five most common types of arthritis (Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Psoriatic Arthritis, Septic Arthritis and Gout) and what causes them.


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Calcium and Arthritis

What is the cause of arthritis joint pain? Calcium Deposits and Arthritis are a major factor. What is the link between Calcium and Arthritis? Calcium is essential for bone and joint health. But, and this is a huge but, it has to be combined with magnesium in a balance of 2 to 1 for it to be utilized by your body properly. And it needs to be a type of calcium that can be absorbed by your body. People usually get whatever is on sale, like calcium carbonate or oxalate and sea shell calcium and wonder why they get arthritis later.


Junk Calcium by itself will cause calcium deposits in your joints and arteries. You need the best type of magnesium (a full spectrum magnesium supplement) to balance out the excess dis-ease causing calcium deposits in your body. The same calcification causes Alzheimer's in your brain, Atherosclerosis in your arteries, Stones in your Kidneys and Gall Bladder and Arthritis in your joints. It can also calcify your pineal gland inhibiting normal communication between the hemispheres of your brain.


Excess junk calcium in your body causes bone spurs that rub on your joint cartilage and tendons and cause that clicking or popping sound you hear in your joints. The best way to remove the excess “junk” calcium that has ended up in your joints is to take proteloytic systemic enzymes (like Heal N Soothe Arthritis) that break up these deposits, as well as scar tissue and arterial plaque.


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Magnesium for Arthritis

Magnesium for Arthritis. Which is the best type of magnesium for arthritis relief? Magnesium as a supplement should be a full spectrum magnesium to be fully absorbed, in the right amount to actually heal your bones and joints. Calcium excess in your body actually causes arthritis and osteoporosis (brittle bones) without having an equal amount of magnesium if you want for healthy bones and joints.


Use a full spectrum magnesium like Magnesium Breakthrough (pictured above.) Since everything is calcium fortified with junk calcium it is essential that you add magnesium to keep excess calcium in balance. Most people are deficient in magnesium and have too much calcium in their diets and in their bodies, leading to hardening of the joints (arthritis), atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), osteoporosis (brittle bones.) 


Natural Treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis


What is the Cause of Rheumatoid Arthritis?

What is the cause of Rheumatoid Arthritis? Rheumatoid Arthritis or RA is an autoimmune system disorder that causes your immune system to attack your joints. It is due to a viral infection that hijacks your immune cells DNA instructing it to attack your joints so it can live off the tissue. It is what viruses do, live off your healthy cells by tricking your immune system into attacking healthy ones. It can cause severe disability and deformity in your joints.


RA is an inflammatory arthritis that usually affects your hands and causes severe swelling, inflammation and pain. The pain is usually worse in the morning as when you first arise your blood pressure rises and inflammation follows. You have to treat your compromised immune system before you can rebuild healthy joints. Too see how to do this holistically visit: Natural Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment.


Osteoarthritis Treatment


What is the Cause of Osteoarthritis?

What is the Cause of Osteoarthritis? Osteoarthritis or OA is the most common type of arthritis in the world. It is a degenerative type of arthritis that is caused by excess wear and tear on your joints and loss of normal joint fluid (synovial fluid.) It can also be cause by an injury that was set improperly or hasn't healed properly, usually with scar tissue in your joints that limits flexibility and causes pain. It is more common as you mature and after the age of 40.


Osteoarthritis is more common in women than men but can affect people at any age. It even affects animals. What happens is your bone endings, joint linings (cartilage) becomes worn down due to pressure on your joints, improper posture, repetitive movements and having a body that is too acidic. It is the easiest to treat naturally and successfully if you haven't had surgery or joint replacement. To see how to treat it holistically visit: How to Treat Osteoarthritis.


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What is the Cause of Psoriatic Arthritis?

What is the Cause of Psoriatic Arthritis? Psoriatic Arthritis or PA is a combination of Psoriasis and Arthritis. You will have the symptoms of arthritis in one or more joints with skin rashes over that joint or sometimes in other areas. It is an autoimmune condition like Rheumatoid Arthritis with the added complication of itchy skin rashes.


Your immune system is weak and compromised so infection takes over and damages your joints and your skin without your immune system being able to fight it off. You need to take care of your autoimmune condition first then you can rebuild healthy joints and have blemish free skin naturally. To see how to do this visit: Treatment of Psoriatic Arthritis.


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What is the Cause of Gout?

What is the Cause of Gout? Gout is know to be cause by high uric acid levels. These are caused by eating a diet high in Purines (that contain uric acid) and other acidic foods. Your body has become highly acidic and uric acid crystals are forming in your joints, usually your big toe. Eating Alkaline Foods and drinking Alkaline Water can be a big help in balancing your body's pH level so it is not too acidic and disease forming.


Excess acidity is a major culprit for inflammatory arthritis types like Rheumatoid Arthritis and Psoriatic Arthritis, because it feeds the organisms that cause autoimmune disorders and lead to chronic inflammatory diseases like arthritis, heart disease, viral infection and even cancer. There is a specific type of diet you should try using and other natural supplements that keep uric acid levels low so you can be gout free. For more information on how to treat it holistically visit: How to Treat Gout Naturally.


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What is the Cause of Septic Arthritis?

What is the Cause of Septic Arthritis? Septic Arthritis or SA is a type of Infectious Arthritis that is caused by an infection in your joints. This leads to severe chronic inflammation in your affected joints with swelling, redness, and pain on movement. It is related to another type of arthritis called Reactive Arthritis but all have the common cause of an infection caused by a weakened or compromised immune system.


Reactive Arthritis is an autoimmune condition (sometimes called disease) that develops in response to an infection in another part of the body (cross-reactivity). Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), Psoriatic Arthritis (PA) and Septic Arthritis (SA) are good examples of reactive arthritis or infectious arthritis.


Dr. Mark Genovese a top Medical Doctor, Stanford Medicine University Professor and Rhumatologist who is on the leading edge of arthritis and inflammation studies addresses this bluntly:

“There’s a perception that arthritis is arthritis, just like some people think cancer is cancer,” says Mark Genovese, MD, a rheumatologist and professor at the Stanford School of Medicine. “But it’s just not true.” It could be gout, crystals, autoimmune rheumatoid arthritis, virus-caused arthritis or as many as 100 other kinds of the disease.

It is not commonly known, but viruses and pathogens are causing a great deal of arthritis but not even being addressed!


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Arthritis with Inflammation

What is the cause of Arthritis with Inflammation? Inflammation is what is causing your pain, swelling and limited range of movement with your affected joints. You will also want to take care of the pathogenic (infection) cause of arthritis if you have a reactive arthritis type like RA, PA or SA. It's a three step process that includes reducing inflammation by natural supplementation, stopping infections, and rebuilding joint cartilage (and joint fluid). This will give you complete relief if your joints are not already fused together permanently.


There are plenty of safe and effective Natural Remedies for Arthritis that give you lasting and permanent relief from the most common forms of arthritis pain and inflammation. Taking natural anti inflammatory supplements like Turmeric Curcumin with Systemic Enzymes like Heal N Soothe can help stop the inflammatory process in your body and joints.




Natural Arthritis Pain Relief

You can get safe and lasting Natural Arthritis Pain Relief by preventing or treating any joint infections or autoimmune conditions with antivirals. Use natural anti inflammatories like turmeric, boswellia and ginger, along with systemic enzymes, immunity helpers, and joint rebuilding nutrients to clean and heal your joint socket so it works like it supposed to.

  1. Zeolite is a natural infection destroyer (viruses, bacteria, yeast and microbials) that also is highly alkaline and shrinks cancerous tumors and detoxes radiation and heavy metals. This is the #1 natural supplement you should have not only for arthritis but for any outbreak or condition
  2. Heal N Soothe Arthritis(pictured above) is a Proteolytic Systemic Enzyme formula that breaks up fibrin from scar tissue, remove bone spurs and damaged cartilage from your joints and gives you excellent pain relief
  3. Pain Relief Cream for Arthritis gives you topical pain relief for the exact areas that are hurting you. This is a very good natural pain reliever that works especially well for arthritis joint pain, back pain, neck pain and muscle pain
  4. The Best Joint Supplement – Stop The Pain and Immune Response & Rebuild Your Joints (Alternative)

The above natural remedies for arthritis relief work really well, and don't have any harmful side effects. They just work with your body to stop the cause of your arthritis naturally! For complete holistic and natural treatments for arthritis that actually work visit: Natural Treatment for Arthritis.


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