Natural Arthritis Treatment

Natural Arthritis Treatment


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Natural Treatment for Arthritis

Why should you consider a Natural Arthritis Treatment over the common medical approaches? That is a very good question and one that is answered here. When people ask why I recommend a Natural Treatment for Arthritis over conventional methods, I simply ask them “has your current medical treatment for arthritis healed or given you lasting arthritis pain relief?”  


Well, most current arthritis sufferers will say “No!” That's why you're probably here because the standard approach just does not give you permanent healing or even safe lasting pain relief. Not only do the mainstream medical treatments (surgery, prescription pain medicines) not work, they can be downright deadly! They are also very expensive and you risk not only losing joint mobility permanently (if you choose surgery and something goes wrong, leaving you with permanently fused joints!)  


If you take the arthritis medications then you know how dangerous the side effects are. There are legal funds because of lawsuits from people passing from their use. And it doesn't even reverse arthritis or relieve your pain! Natural Treatments for Arthritis do help relieve your pain and reverse your arthritis by removing the cause of arthritis, which standard treatments do not do. 


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Natural Arthritis Pain Relief

You can experience lasting Natural Arthritis Pain Relief and even reverse your arthritis progression by choosing the natural arthritis treatment instead of the surgical and chemical based ones. Most people aren't aware that most arthritis pain medicines like Celebrex, Bextra, Vioxx and even the newer Rheumatoid Arthritis medications like DMARD's that severely lower your immune system, destroy your joints and bone tissues and leave you susceptible to fatal infections.


They are even suspected in the passing of founder of the musical group The Eagles, Glenn Frey. See Glenn Frey and RA Drug EffectsIf these prescription medications were not dangerous you wound't have legal settlement pages for those who succumbed to lethal arthritis medicines effects.  Instead of chasing the “new medicine of the day” why not stop the cause of arthritis? Once you do that, your arthritis symptoms like autoimmune disorders, joint pain and inflammation, and limited mobility will simply fade away.


When you treat the cause, there are no more reason for your symptoms to ever show up again! There are some power herbs for arthritis that can relieve your joint pain quickly so you can heal. You can't heal very well when you're in extreme pain all the time!


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Best Treatment for Arthritis

The Best Treatment for Arthritis Pain Relief is the one that stops the cause of your arthritis once and for all. You can even reverse the progression of your arthritis, whether it be any form of Osteoarthritis or Rheumatoid Arthritis by doing things a little differently than you've done before.


In a way that will stop your arthritis pain, and give you back your mobility and your life. There is a simple holistic treatment for arthritis that can do just that for you. Here is the basic recipe to get your joints, bone density and immune system working with you instead of against you:

  • Stop The Pain and Inflammation naturally
  • Break down the scar tissue and remove the sediment in your joints
  • Give Your Body Healing Nutrients and Arthritis Herbs 
  • Remove the Viral Cause of Autoimmunity
  • Simple Arthritis Exercises, Movements, Stretching and Inversion Therapy

By following the simple arthritis relief techniques you will return to the healthier, mobile, happier and pain-free version of yourself. Listed below is the natural way to reverse arthritis and all your arthritis symptoms quickly and for good.


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Reverse Arthritis

You can Reverse Arthritis from all types if you begin before your joints become permanently fused or disfigured. If you follow the holistic treatment for rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis you can relieve your arthritis joint pain naturally and reverse the progression of arthritis too. Proper nutrition that includes some green juices or vegetables (alkaline water too) really help as chronic inflammation is caused by too much acidity in the body.


Alkaline is what helps to stop that excess acidity in your body. There are just a few simple steps which will be shown below that can help you stop arthritis pain and achieve an arthritis free life. Just follow the best treatment for arthritis below, and start the real pain relief, joint and bone regeneration and complete arthritis healing. Here is the natural way to reverse arthritis and relieve your arthritis joint pain for good.


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Arthritis Pain Relief

You should use a topical arthritis cream that you rub into your painful joints to speed pain relief and healing to your joints. It will also increase circulation there and supercharges any arthritis pain relief supplements you take, so they go where the circulation is active and start the healing and pain relief process quickly.  Use these natural supplements for arthritis pain relief: 

  • Rub on Relief (Topical formula that eases joint pain and improves circulation and mobility)
  • Heal n Soothe Arthritis (Natural arthritis enzyme formula that breaks up scar tissue and joint debris that is causing pain and stiff joints)
  • Turmeric for Arthritis (The top arthritis herb and the basis for most prescription medicines, but this is the natural version without the harmful side effects of the synthetic ones.)
  • Best Type of Magnesium is the #1 recommended type of magnesium (full spectrum) that is fully absorbed into your bones, teeth and joint surfaces to strengthen them and give them flexibility. You already have too much calcium in your joints, arteries and bones (causing overly hard and brittle bones that break easily) adding magnesium can make them bend rather than break.
  • Omega-3 Supplements (preferably from northern latitude cold-water fish like salmon, mackerel and sardines or even flax seed oil)
  • The Best Joint Supplement (This contains the powerful anti-inflammatory curcumin as well as the joint rebuilding glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM and includes the enzymes that break up damaged cartilage, scar tissue and bone spurs. Gives you joint relief you can feel.)

Natural Anti Inflammatory Supplements relieve your joint pain, swelling and inflammation while allowing healing and joint regeneration to take place. These natural supplements are best used together, particularly the joint enzymes and joint rebuilding supplement. Using the above natural supplements for arthritis pain relief will expedite the healing of your arthritis pain and begin reversing the progression of arthritis.


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Inversion Therapy

Arthritis Exercise that is joint friendly like Yoga, Tai Chi or Stretching should be done while you are using your natural pain relief supplements. Water aerobics can be good too as it is easy on the joints. It will allow them to work better and start breaking up the stuff in your joints that can cause rigid and stiff joints.


Inversion Therapy using an inversion table or inversion chair can really help if you have spinal, neck or shoulder arthritis. It works for almost everyone who can bend at the knee. If you can't bend at the knee you can use a standing back stretcher as pictured above. It is good even if you don't because it increases oxygen and circulation of nutrients to your brain, heart and organs. See Inversion Therapy.



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Autoimmune Arthritis Relief

If you have autoimmune arthritis (rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis) then you will want to address the viral cause of your arthritis and balance your immune system naturally so it works with you instead of against you. Undetected viruses are causing a ton of autoimmune related arthritis because they are not even tested for. You can get a “viral panel” and see that it is in fact true. You need to stop this if you ever want to heal and reverse your rheumatoid arthritis. Using a natural immune balancer with natural zeolites and a medicinal strength mushroom supplement can really helps stop this.

  • Zeolite-AV (Zeolite Capsules with natural zeolite powder and humic acid to stop rheumatic arthritis infections)

Using the above natural supplement for rheumatoid arthritis pain relief will expedite the healing of your arthritis pain and begin reversing the progression of rheumatic or autoimmune arthritis.

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