Tapping For Arthritis

Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping


Tapping For Arthritis

What is Tapping for Arthritis? It is called EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique. It's a natural healing and empowerment system based on alternative therapies like acupuncture, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), energy medicine, and Thought Field Therapy. EFT was created by Dr. Gary Craig, a natural health professional who discovered it was working wonders on the problems his patients were having that nothing else would help. 


He uses it so heal chronic health issues in his patients like arthritis, heart conditions, anxiety, depression, chronic stress and even phobias! The emotional freedom therapy is proving time and time again that it can be used to reverse even severe chronic issues by re-programming your automatic brain-body signals that lead to arthritis, pain, inflammation and chronic stress. These are “hardwired” energy systems in your body that have become habits that cause your body to react in a certain way, even when it is not healthy or necessary.


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Tapping Therapy – Does it Work?

A question that people who haven't heard about the benefits of EFT Therapy before is “Tapping Therapy, Does it Work? And that is the most important question you could ask. I am in my senior years myself and still workout, doing extra heavy squats, and compound movements that not even the “youngsters” are doing. So, it does take a toll on my body, no matter how many supplements I take to prevent arthritis aches and pains, you still have some.


Dr. Bruce Lipton (Stanford University of Health Professor, Creator of Genetics and Board Member of the Human Genome Project) author of the bestselling book “Biology of Belief” shows that EFT is real science at work, because our thoughts, emotions and beliefs, have a great deal of control over whether we experience pain or a chronic health condition like arthritis. And he shows how you can use it to heal your body, and your mind. 



How EFT Works

In the above video Dr. Lipton explains How EFT Works and why he considers it to be the most important key to “unlocking your genes to their highest potential.” Do Not Miss This Great Video! He shows that it is your thoughts that  make you sick, broke and unhappy more than anything else. Bruce shows you why the power of “positive thinking” doesn't always work and how you can use the Emotional Freedom Technique to reprogram your mind to get your body to do what you want it to. I take all the most important Arthritis Remedies before and after I workout and it has helped. I use EFT Tapping Therapy when something flares up after an intense workout or hike.


That's how I know it works for me! It is also known to work by thousands of people who are using it to heal from chronic conditions where nothing else has. In fact, recent  studies are showing that acupuncture meridians do actually exist, in exactly the locations that ancient traditional Indian Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese medical doctors (TCM) have known and used successfully for a couple thousand years or more. It is demonstrated that there is electrical stimulation that can be measured to be exactly along these meridian lines, and is now validated by current scientific testing and evaluation. 


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Tapping Therapy for Pain Relief

Tapping Therapy for Pain Relief is done by tapping on the pathways when you are experiencing a bout of arthritis pain, or even any other type of chronic pain. I worked as a IBM computer programmer for many years before I got into natural health, and I quickly learned that by using the right language (machine coding language, or computer language) I could control how my computer was working. I could make it talk, give me facts I wanted to knows, show me relevant videos on a desired topic or operate other connected equipment miles away.


Similarly, EFT Therapy activates energy pathways in your body needed to release the automatic pain signals you experience as arthritis pain. You simply tap with your fingers on specific acupressure points that control how your body perceives the stimulus that normally causes arthritis pain. You use your fingers to tap on these specific points in your body while triggering the unwanted response or issue, and re-program it not send pain signals if they are not needed. You repeat this process until your symptoms lessen, and eventually stop. The good thing is that you use it for any other health issue or even to get past phobias, stress, anxiety, depression or habits you want to lose.


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Tapping Therapy

Tapping Therapy provides you a natural way to heal yourself or others, and help transform unsolved issues without dangerous medicines or harmful side effects! Stop treating and actually heal! Once you learn this EFT you can take it you anywhere you go. Discover how to use EFT Tapping Therapy to heal your arthritis symptoms, and walk a lot easier through life. Live a more pain free and less restricting life by using your brain for a change (pun intended, taken from the infamous Richard Bandler, creator of NLP, or Neuro Linguistic Programming!)


Imagine a lifetime arthritis, chronic stress and illness, depression or anxiety: Gone in an instant! When you use the EFT Tapping Therapy you can heal yourself without any medicines, just your own knowledge and hands. Powerful natural healing and wisdom indeed! Many holistic health practitioners are now using it on themselves and their patients with exceptional results. A lot of people in the health and success industry are also successfully using this to re-engineer their health, finances and social skills. People like Jack Canfield, Cheryl Richardson, Bob Proctor, Dr. Joseph Mercola, just to name a few. Watch the free EFT Tapping video on how to properly do EFT Tapping Therapy and start healing yourself and feeling like a new happier you today!


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