Alkaline Water and Arthritis

Alkaline Water and Arthritis

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Arthritis Inflammation

Did you know that there is a connection between the type of water you are drinking and arthritis inflammation? The PH (parts hydrogen, a measure of how alkaline or acidic water is) of tap water, reverse osmosis, distilled water or even most bottled waters are extremely acidic. This acidity is a direct cause of inflammation in your joints (as well as your whole body), gout and in fact most illnesses! 


This is not to mention the harmful bugs, pathogens, heavy metals, prescription medications, chemicals and waste products in that same water. No wonder most of the people in the “civilized” world's health is so whacked out. If you are not drinking water filtered by a high quality (preferably ionized) filter, then you are selling your health and longevity short!


Even worse for arthritis sufferers is that these heavy metals and pathogens end up in our joints because they have an affinity for the cartilage there. If they are not detoxed out of the body they lead to joint damage and even osteoporosis. The other chemicals will eventually cause disease, cancers, Alzheimer's, brittle bones, wrinkled saggy skin, and make you look decrepit and older than you are. Water that is not alkaline or ionized does not even do it's main job – hydrate your brain, body and skin.


Have you ever drank a lot of water and was still thirsty? Yes, it's very common if you're drinking water that is unstructured (unclustered), with low surface tension (what allows your body to absorb the water), acidic (disease producing) and full of microscopic “bad guys” that would leave you jumping on your bed screaming if you could see them. Alkaline Ionized Water can help stop arthritic inflammation in a few ways. It can rebuild your joints, cushion them, add flexibility and even provide natural joint pain relief.

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Natural Joint Pain Relief

If there is one thing that makes a huge difference in your whole health and beauty profile (handsome profile if you're a man), it's treating your body to the health and rejuvenating benefits of regularly drinking ionized alkaline water. This is how a water ionizer can help you reduce inflammation and give you natural joint pain relief. When the water is ionized it becomes highly structured with a high surface tension, alkaline and has the toxins and pathogens filtered out.


Have you ever seen how red blood cells clump together when people are sick? That is low surface tension an unstructured. It can't flow and give oxygen appropriately as a lot of the surface is “stuck together” and not available to touch and interact with the cells that need oxygen. It's the same with water! Water ionization uses electrolysis to separate acid from alkaline particles, producing the type and PH level of water that you desire. It can produce acidic water (which is great for cleaning up around the house).


Water produced by distillation and reverse osmosis produce only acidic water as they take out everything, including the beneficial water structure, clustering, surface tension and healthy minerals that hydrate your body and joints. Drinking ionized alkaline water solves this problem for you!

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Healthy Joints

Alkaline ionized water is making a huge difference in my own life, as an bodybuilder, health & fitness professional, the way I look, feel and perform means EVERYTHING to me! Having healthy joints allows me to do all the things I love to do, without limits. Ionizing my water creates the highest quality (structured, micro-clustered, alkaline and mineralized) and by far the best tasting drinking water you have ever had.


Try it for yourself and you won't go back, that's exactly what I did when a friend of mine (Giovanni) gave me the challenge. It will help you have healthy joints for life. I do use a few natural supplements along with ionized water to prevent arthritis:

  • Heal n Soothe Arthritis (Natural arthritis enzyme formula that breaks up scar tissue and joint debris that is causing pain and stiff joints)
  • Cannabinoids (Natural Hemp Extract or CBD is a powerful pain reliever, especially for arthritis pain. It also helps stop inflammation and infections in your body and joints)
  • Turmeric for Arthritis (The top arthritis herb and the basis for most prescription medicines, but this is the natural version without the harmful side effects of the synthetic ones.)
  • The Best Joint Supplement (This contains the powerful anti-inflammatory curcumin as well as the joint rebuilding glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM and includes the enzymes that break up damaged cartilage, scar tissue and bone spurs. Gives you joint relief you can feel.)
  • Calcium Magnesium Supplement is the best form of calcium and magnesium (butyrate) in the exact 2:1 ratio that is fully absorbed into your bones, teeth and joint surfaces to strengthen them and give them flexibility.
  • Natural Anti Inflammatory Supplements quickly relieve your pain, swelling and inflammation while allowing healing and joint regeneration to take place. These natural supplements are best used together, particularly the joint enzymes and joint rebuilding supplement..

I've been able to keep my joints healthy and pain free, and plan to keep it that way as long as possible. This can help you even if you're having tendinitis, back or knee pain (hold off on that potentially harmful knee replacement if you're considering one, as I personally know a few people at the gym that have gotten them, and none of them are better off. They still have pain and there were even some complications). Bypass it and do the natural way that builds your joints if at all possible! 


I thought he was nuts at first because I never heard of it, and I was in the health and fitness field.  Well, I stopped using my Reverse Osmosis filter and switched to Ionized Water immediately! He was definitely right. I did my research and confirmed what he told me. The difference in taste is big, and how I feel afterwards even better. It quenches my thirst and hydrates my skin and that makes me look really good, not just in the gym but at those social functions too!

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Water Therapy for Arthritis

What are the benefits of Water Therapy for Arthritis? Here is what drinking alkaline water can do to help you prevent arthritis joint inflammation and get arthritis pain relief:

  • It will reduce total body inflammation and lubricate the joints
  • You'll be able to flex your joints much more fluidly with less pain and stiffness
  • You will have more energy (ionized water has more electrical and electrolyte potential)
  • Completely hydrates your entire body, inside and out
  • Allows oxygen exchange to occur easier and more rapidly
  • Makes blood and lymph cells more fluid and electrically charged
  • Removes the cause of many diseases (acidity and inflammation)
  • Makes your skin and hair look fully hydrated, elastic and younger
  • Quenches Your Thirst! 

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Alkaline Water Ionizer

Here is a very good alkaline water filter and also an ionizer that helps you reduce your arthritis pain and strengthen your joints and bones too:

You can also sometimes find bottled water that is ionized. It can be a quick fix but should not be the staple of your drinking water. Do yourself a favor and get a portable ionizer before you waste your hard earned money on highly overpriced tap water. You can do it yourself and much cheaper in the long run, while helping the environment and not being at the mercy of the supermarket manager's price increases.


Besides, the plastic bottles bleed plastic into the water. There is also a huge disposal and waste problem along with the cost to the environment and waste disposal. You can help by using BPA-Free (the cancer causing chemical in most plastic water bottles) bpa free or thicker bottles that you can wash and reuse (filing them with your own ionic water, of course!)

Ionized Water Benefits

You don't need to add anything to ionized water, as it is already in it's most energetic and mineralized state. There are many Ionized Water Benefits for Arthritis relief. The main benefit is it quenches the acids that cause chronic inflammation by alkalizing your body. It also give you pain relief and adds healthy antioxidants to your body for tissue healing. 


Use a good alkaline water machine to purify your water from disease causing living pathogens (viruses, bacteria and protozoa), change your water’s pH structure from acid to alkaline, and transform your water into a powerful antioxidant. Ask anyone who sufferers from gout or arthritis who regularly drinks ionized water. They will tell you how much their condition improves! 

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