Exercise for Knee Pain

exercise for knee pain relief

Exercise for Knee Pain

When choosing the best exercise for knee pain, comfort and range of motion are the most important things you will want to consider. You do need to keep yourself active and your body moving for it to heal and remove the stiffness of arthritis. Doing exercises that are particular to the type and location of predominant arthritis condition will benefit you greatly as well as ease your pain and inflammation long term.


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Knee Strengthening Exercises at Home

There are a few recommended types of general knee strengthening exercises at home for arthritis (both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis) that are easy on the joints while providing circulation to the extremities and joints. Yoga, Tai-Chi, Qi-Gong and stretching are highly recommended if you can learn these exercises. If you are able to get to a public gym or yoga studio, that will benefit you greatly as others will be doing the same thing, and you will meet new friends and help keep each other on the right track. Using the best exercise for knee pain relief will naturally strengthen your knee joint and the muscles and tendons that keep it working at peak levels.


If you are exercising outdoors or even walking on a concrete trail, you can put on a pair of earthing or grounded shoes. Using grounded ESD (electrostatic discharge) shoes gives your body a way to discharge a lot of the oxidants (free radicals that have a positive charge, but deteriorate your joints and age you) by making direct contact with the earth. The earth has a negative charge which gives you negative ions (healthy ones) that are a natural source of antioxidants. When you exercise you create a lot of oxidants and free radicals. You for sure don't want to stop exercising, but exercise smarter instead of harder.


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Benefits of Earthing

Exercising outside can do wonders for your joints. You'll discover the natural healing benefits of earthing on your joints. There are two good ways to do this, you can stand with your bare feet on natural grass, dirt or even concrete (if it's just laid on the ground) for 20 minutes. Asphalt has some insulating materials in it so it doesn't work as well for dissipating free radicals and even EMF (electro magnetic frequencies) that age you prematurely.


You not only get added strength, flexibility and stamina, but improved immune system function, full body detox and mood elevation, all by being grounded. Yes, it's that good. You’ll watch your pain and inflammation disappear and your overall health soar! If you currently have limited time or mobility one of the best things you can do to improve not only your arthritis but your whole health and quality of life experience is to get a basic arthritis friendly home training equipment.


exercise for knee pain


Exercise for Knee Pain Relief

My personal best exercise for knee pain relief is to get a simple yet sturdy and comfortable small exercise unit that you can use at home until you're ready to make the leap to a public gym. If your pain is severe you might want to start out with an Inversion Chair. Comfort is key here, because if it hurts your joints, you're not going to do it for very long.


Doing the best exercise for knee pain relief shouldn't hurt, it should actually feel energizing and easy on your joints while providing necessary resistance to your muscles and tendons.  As you continually do theses exercises your overall health will improve, as well as acquiring a much improved and aesthetically pleasing physique. If you are in too much pain to extend your knees to exercise then consider taking a natural pain reliever like the best CBD oil for pain relief before you exercise, so you can get your knees moving and the healing going on. Believe me you can do this, and you'll be thanking me as you look in the mirror at the new healthy and fit you!

Nautilus R514 Recumbent Bike

The Non-Impact Recumbent Bike

The easiest and most joint friendly exercise for knee pain relief is using a recumbent bike. Nautilus is building a unique reputation based upon using proper mechanics that strengthen muscles and support the joint socket. They worked with Jack LaLanne for a long time on this. Fortunately for us they have it down to a science now. When you're dealing with arthritis, particularly arthritic knees, you want to stress comfort and no impact training as the core of your knee strengthening program.


Using a recumbent bike to do the exercise for knee pain relief that has comfortable back support is the best step to re-gaining your mobility (and your life) back again. Click on the Nautilus Recumbent Bike below and discover a new world of possibilities and permanent arthritis relief opening up to you.


Nautilus E514 Elliptical


The Non-Impact Elliptical Trainer

Once you gain a little mobility you can move into the elliptical cross trainer as a standing exercise for knee pain relief.  This adds recommended weight bearing component to your arthritis relief program, and allows you to improve your heart rate, burn excess calories and increase your overall health profile dramatically! It is no impact so you build strength and stability while building your knee stabilizer and support muscles.


This exercise for knee pain relief is one of the best long-term solutions in getting rid or your arthritis and opening the doors to your freedom and enjoying a healthy and active (and more social) lifestyle. Just click on the Nautilus Elliptical Trainer and move away from pain into happiness (exercise produces natural feel-good hormones and elevates your mood) and freedom!

I recommend getting either a recumbent bike (they provide the very necessary back support over upright bikes) or an elliptical cross trainer. They both provide a non-impact (this is so important because you don't want to aggravate your joints) exercise that will lubricate your joints, provide pain relief and actually strengthen your muscles and take stress off of your joints. They are both very comfortable and supporting of your body as you workout.


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LED Light Therapy

Consider using deep healing and pain relieving LED Light Therapy. If you find you have trouble exercising because of pain or limited range of motion, then you might want to try using a deep penetrating heating pad or LED Pain Relieving Knee Wrap (pictured above) to warm up your joints (it also provides pain relief.) They provide easy yet smooth resistance and will give you a total body workout that will strengthen your bones, tendons, ligaments and joints.


As we age our bodies lose precious calcium, magnesium and silica, which leads to increased risk of fracture and arthritis pain symptoms. By working out regularly and taking a few key arthritis remedies (at the bare minimum Heal n Soothe Arthritis) you can make sure it will not be you that is experiencing these health challenges. This therapy and exercise for knee pain relief will help your knee heal and give you added flexibility and range of motion.

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  1. Thanks for putting this out there. I’ve hit that age that I need more than what I’ve been doing to keep my body all fired up and “ready for the big day” – which of course are the big powder days. I’m also always looking for things to recommend to my gout guys who seem to always be having troubles with keeping their bodies moving and keeping there weight down.

    Thanks for the good post.

  2. Great information…i will incorporate some of the exercises into my routine…thank you

  3. its not the exercises,its the after effects of the exercises.to much pain

  4. If you get pain while doing exercises doesn’t it increase the threat of danger in the arthritis?

  5. what helps me is doing leg curls on a seated leg curl machine. That strenghtens your hamstrings. You will be amazed.

  6. Exercises are imperative part of a routine for people with hip osteoarthritis.

  7. Physical therapy can help to reduce joint pain

  8. I have tried same exercises and they are too painfull.

  9. Exercise is of great benefit for arthritis and joint pain, and it is even more beneficial when used along with a good diet and the proper minerals, vitamins and supplements such as MSM and DMSO along with Vitamin D3

  10. It just sounds like something that distracts you from negativity like affirmations or meditating…but I doubt the actual tapping has any effect.

  11. Stavros Giannakopoulos

    I find yoga pose stretches are also useful in managing arthritis as well.

  12. I went to the doctor. for me knees hurt like hell and sometimes my wrists but not as bad as my knees.my knees also make lot of noise when I move them. for me it happened due to some heavy excercise and it progressed during time :((

  13. Sébastien Duchatel

    Exercice is not good for every patient. Also, nutrition facts are important ARTHRITIS PATIENTS: do not eat wheat and dairy, this will produce less pain. I don´t take glucosamine anymore because I modified my diet

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