Fasting for Rheumatoid Arthritis Relief

Can Fasting Help for Rheumatoid Arthritis Relief?


fasting for rheumatoid arthritis


Fasting For Arthritis

Fasting is one nature's top healing modalities for all types of illnesses and conditions. It also benefits spiritual experience as it helps your pineal gland release stored calcium which obscures your “third eye” which actually does rods and cones in it, just like your two external eyes. This has been well known for millennia, but now science is finally discovering how it works. That's what gets activated when we dream at night, we are seeing clear as day but our physical eyes are closed. That is why in part the ancient practice of Fasting and Sun Gazing naturally detox our pineal gland and the photons also spread healing to all of our bodies cells.


Due to years of eating “calcium fortified” foods, this junk calcium ends up being deposited in a hardened form in many critical areas of our bodies, particularly the heart, kidneys, gall bladder, arteries, brain (pineal as well), and in our joints! I'm sure you've heard of gallstones, hardening of the arteries, kidney stones, glaucoma….. These all have one thing in common – junk calcium as hardened plaque. This is the culprit not the very necessary cholesterol, although fasting also helps balance your HDL into optimum levels. Here's a good article on fasting and how it helps arthritis – fasting for health.


Fasting and Arthritis Benefits

Fasting works particularly well for diabetes and Rheumatoid Arthritis. It can also work for Osteoarthritis if you include a green drink (any type of greens or ready made green drink will do) at least once a day with 1 serving Omega 3 Oils, MSM, Papaya enzymes, Glucosamine and Chondroitin. It works so well because it detoxes your body from all kinds of stored pathogens, particularly those that are stuck to arterial and intestinal walls, which are not easily dislodged. Fasting causes the body to release these hardened calcium deposits in the joints, arteries, brain and heart cells and actually burn them as fuel. Try to drink natural water ionizer if you can get it, because disease thrive in an acidic body and alkaline is naturally healing.


This is not normally easily accomplished while we are eating solid food. The fasting greatly helps relieve arthritis inflammation and pain, as well as clearing up many other chronic diseases or conditions like magic. It does take a little practice, as when you first begin you will most certainly feel an intense headache as the stored toxins are re-released into the circulatory system. They will be rapidly flushed, and you will feel better than you ever have. So will your arthritic joints!


I advise researching the topic and find a specific fasting schedule that works for you. Here are a couple of books that can guide you into the many benefits of fasting for rheumatoid arthritis relief as well as total body wellness.

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  1. While fasting has some benefits, prolonged fasting can bring on many other health dangers.

    That’s because 48 hours after fasting, your body is going to strat giving in, and it will start feeding on its own deposited fats.

  2. I’ve fasted for a week straight taking only electrolytes and prolonged fasting doesn’t come with the dangers the previous comment mentions and I’m not overweight or have any health problems.

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